Information Technology/Computer - Winter Break Opportunities List

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Information Technology/Computer

Networking Dinners:

  • William (Skip) Atwater P'14 - Business Consultant, Hewlett Packard (career field:  Global Communications/Cloud-based Technology/Change management/Marketing) and Katherine Atwater P'14 - 4th Grade School Teacher, Roberge School (career field:  Education)  Dinner Location:  Allendale, NJ
  • Corey Ehrenwerth '98 - Sr. Technical Architect, AdvizeX Technologies (career field:  Information Technology)  Dinner Location:  Greater Hartford Area
  • Bill Pyron '83 - Senior Professional Sales Representative, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (career field:  Business/Sales), Alison King Rusignuolo ’00 - Senior Customer Representative, Merck & Co. (career field:  Business/Sales) and Brian Rusignuolo ’98 -Senior VP Information Systems, Select Medical Corporation (career field:  Computer)  Dinner Location:  Camp Hill, PA
  • David Tohn '87 - Director, Cyber Technology Innovation Center, CyberPoint International & US Army (Retired) (career field:  Cybersecurity)  Dinner Location:  Millersville, MD

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