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Job Shadowing:

Judge David Ashworth ‘1977, P‘2006, Judge, Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas (Location: Lancaster, PA)  Shadow Description: Observe court proceedings, attend chambers conferences, etc. Tuesdays are Drug Court, but as we get closer to January, I may have other trials (civil/criminal) throughout the week scheduled. Selected students have the option to shadow more than one day if schedule allows.

Judge Peter Barnes ‘1978, P‘2020, State Court Judge, Superior Court of NJ (Location: New Brunswick, NJ)  Shadow Description:Observing trials; motion hearings; court conferences. REQUIRED: Background Check.

Pat Bryan ‘1977, P‘2015, Senate Legal Counsel, U.S. Senate   (Location: Washington, DC)  Shadow Description: The office appears in court on behalf of, and provides advice to, Senators, staff, Committees, and Senate officers on a wide variety of issues ranging from constitutional issues (recess appointments, executive privilege, etc.) to constituent and administrative matters. The shadowing day experience will greatly depend on what is happening at that time. If the Senate is in session there may be an opportunity to watch the floor, or to sit in on a Committee hearing. At present we do not have any court hearings scheduled during that time. It may also be possible to sit in on meetings on issues on which the office is providing advice that may or may not be interesting; of course, attendance will depend on the willingness of our clients to allow a student to sit in. Possibility of Kelly McGrath '15 to be a part of the day if her schedule permits.  

Kathleen Dugan P‘2015, Librarian & Executive Director, Cleveland Law Library Association (Location: Cleveland, OH)  Shadow Description: Observe legal reference service to lawyers and judges in the Cleveland area. Learn how to use our Integrated Library System to circulate and discharge books, look up patrons, charge accounts, and pay patron bills. Attend any meetings scheduled.Tour library and courthouse. Go out to lunch. **Interested students should live locally, be within driving distance, or already have plans to be in the area.**

Lauren Keefe '2009, Attorney, Krooth and Altman, LLP (Washington, DC). Shadow Description: n 1947, Krooth   Altman’s founding partners, David Krooth and Norman Altman, envisioned the firm as a means of providing the highest level of legal expertise and strategic counseling. K  A maintains that strong tradition in a national law practice focused on real estate and capital finance and related business matters that promote decent, affordable housing and healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Our attorneys pride themselves as “lawyers’ lawyers,” with decades of experience in laws and public policy related to all aspects of real estate; including multifamily housing and healthcare financing, debt and equity transactions, taxable and tax-exempt financings, mortgage and investment banking, secondary market debt transactions, project subsidies and credit enhancements, tax, employment, corporations, partnerships and alternative entity organizational structures, and debt relief and restructuring. Our clients include a wide array of national bankers, developers, and investors in real estate and mortgage finance activities. The shadowing experience will be with K A’s Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac housing practice group. The student will have the opportunity to shadow an attorney, a Gettysburg alumna, who practices in our Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac group. As part of this experience, the student will observe the daily interactions between clients and counsel. The shadowing experience will serve as an introduction to the intricacies of multifamily commercial real estate financing. The student will experience the negotiating skills as well as a sample of the work required to successfully structure such financing, including detailed review of title documents and land surveys, regulations, organizational documents, legal opinions, and loan documents.

Gerald Lord, P‘2020, Lord Law (York, PA). Shadow Description: Will try to arrange for a date that the students get to attend a court hearing or trial.

Bradley Pensyl ‘2003, Associate, Allen & Overy, LLP (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description:  Bradley focuses his practice on complex commercial disputes, real estate litigation and securities litigation, as well as regulatory investigations. He has represented leading financial institutions, multinational corporations and corporate officers and directors in complex litigations at the trial and appellate levels. Potential for shadowing in court.

Jayne Sinsheimer P'2020, Attorney, McAloon and Friedman (New York, NY). Shadow Description: Shadow a medical malpractice defense litigator at a 40- attorney NYC law firm. Spend time at the law firm and attend a court appearance.

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