Library/Museum - Winter Break Opportunity List

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Applications are due by November 2 by 11:59 p.m.

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See what students have to say about their experience. Students Comments on the value of Job Shadowing and Career Networking Dinners.  Want to learn more about Career Networking Dinners?  See our blog post "Demystifying Career Networking Dinners"


Job Shadowing:

  • Kathleen Dugan P'15 - Librarian & Executive Director, Cleveland Law Library Association (career field:  (Law) Librarianship) Location:  Cleveland, OH.  Shadowing Description:  Observe legal reference service to lawyers and judges in the Cleveland area. Learn how to use our Integrated Library System to circulate and discharge books, look up patrons, charge accounts, and pay patron bills. Attend any meetings scheduled. Tour library and courthouse. Go out to lunch. Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • Kaitlyn Lyons '10 - E-Z Borrow Support and Resource Sharing Librarian, University of Pennsylvania (career field:  Librarian) Location:  Philadelphia, PA.  Shadowing Description:  Learn about working in an academic library. Kaitlyn received her MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh (2012). Available Date(s):  Available between Jan. 5-8, 12-15
  • Nicole McMullen '98 - Executive Director, Historical Society of Dauphin County (career field:  Museums and Archives) Location:  Harrisburg, PA.  Shadowing Description:  Daily life at a historical society.  Museum and archives work as well as visitor services, marketing and business activities.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • Leslie Przybylek '88 - Curator of History, Senator John Heinz History Center (career field:  Museums and Non-profit) Location:  Pittsburgh, PA.  Shadowing Description:  Students have opportunity to learn about two different sides of work in a large regional history center - with dual shadowing in the museum and the research library duirng the host day.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • Janelle Wertzberger (Friend of the College) - Director of Reference/Instruction, Gettysburg College Musselman Library (career field:  Library) Location:  Gettysburg, PA.  Shadowing Description:  The shadowing opportunity can be built around the student’s interests.  Available Date(s):  Jan. 12, Jan. 13, Jan. 14, Jan. 15, Jan. 16

Networking Dinners:

  • Liz Williams ’13 – Donor Recognition Specialist, Carnegie Mellon University; Leslie Przybylek ’88 – Curator of History, Senator John Heinz History Center; Sierra Green ’11, Archivist, Senator John Heinz History Center; Caleb Muller, Systems Analyst at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center  (career fields: Higher Education/Development, Marketing, Library/Museums, Computer/Information Technology)  *Possibility of other alumni joining.  Dinner Location: Pittsburgh, PA


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