Non-Profit/Public Policy - Winter Break Opportunities List

You can apply for opportunities through the Student Center, under the Center for Career Development, Winter Break Opportunities.

Applications are due by November 6 by 11:59 p.m.

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See what students have to say about their experience. Students Comments on the value of Job Shadowing and Career Networking Dinners.  Want to learn more about Career Networking Dinners?  See our blog post "Demystifying Career Networking Dinners"

Non-Profit/Public Policy

Networking Dinners:

Washington, DC - Madeline Shepherd ‘2009, Federal Policy Senior Associate, Council for a Strong America

New York, NY - Cheryl Kamen ‘1982, Director of Adult Services, LMSW, Hudson Guild

Haverford, PA - Leslie Boris '1979, Human Resources Consultant, Boris Associates

Newtown Square, PA - Holly McDevitt ‘1987, Managing Partner, Mockingbird Holdings, Inc.;  Matthew McDevitt '87, Executive VP of Real Estate BioMed Realty Trust

Philadelphia, PA - Jennifer Brevoort ‘2000, Director of Networking Learning, Graduate! Network/ Adjunct Faculty, Drexel University’s Lindy Center for Civic Engagement/ CoFounder, Pop-up Play

Pittsburgh, PA - Liz Williams ‘2013, Donor Recognition Specialist, Carnegie Mellon University;  Leslie Przybylek '88, Curator of History, Senator John Heinz History Center; Sierra Green '11, Archivist, Senator John Heinz History Center; Rachael Surmick '12, HomeOwnership Center Manager, Neighborworks Western PA; Emily Harper '10, Associate Council, Allegheny County Office of Conflict Counsel

Job Shadowing:

Jennifer Burnszynski ‘1196, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Services Policy, US Department of Health and Human Service (Location: Washington, DC)  Shadow Description: *U.S. CITIZENSHIP REQUIRED* For a student interested in public service, this is an opportunity to learn about US social policy, public sector executive management, and how research and policy analysis interact with federal policy and practice. The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation advises the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services on policy development in health, disability, human services, data, and science; and provides advice and analysis on economic policy. You will be shadowing the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Services Policy, whose office advises on research-based policy solutions to improve the wellbeing of America’s most vulnerable.

Marcy Di Blasio ‘1985, Assoc. Director of Development, Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice (Location: Marlton, NJ)  Shadow Description: Our office is a small yet mighty group of five Development professionals who raise over a million dollars each year to address costs to our patients and their families that are not covered by insurance. We conduct Annual, Planned, Major, and Corporate campaigns, concurrently as well as two large Special Events each year. We work cohesively as a team, and I think that a Gettysburg student could benefit a great deal from spending time in our presence, as well as that of the other staff members of Samaritan.

Mary K. DiUbaldo  P‘2019, Director of Development, Moveable Feast (Location: Baltimore, MD)  Shadow Description: Non-profit management. I run the fundraising dept. for a non profit with a 4 million dollar budget. We deliver nutritionally tailored meals to individuals with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life threatening illnesses. We believe that Food=Medicine. We specifically work with those who do not have access,affordability or ability to prepare healthy meals. Local students are encouraged to attend, as this is best as a multiple day experience (at least 3 days). A public policy major or marketing or healthcare might find this experience interesting.

Nicole Grear ‘2008, Manager, Policy and Research, Energy Association of PA (Location: Harrisburg, PA)  Shadow Description: With roots dating back to 1908, the Energy Association of Pennsylvania is well-established as the voice of Pennsylvania’s electric and natural gas utilities in Harrisburg. The Association is an advocate for its members on policy issues before the General Assembly, the Public Utility Commission, and various other state governmental agencies. EAP staff regularly participates in industry and government forums, testifies before key legislative committees, and coordinates industry-wide positions in complex regulatory proceedings. The Association is often sought out by the media for credible information and perspectives on current industry issues. In addition to its advocacy role, EAP helps its members better serve their customers by acting as a clearinghouse for information on best practices within the industries. The Association also serves an educational function by sponsoring conferences on electric and natural gas operational and consumer service issues that are attended by employees of member companies, out-of-state utilities, and government agencies. Shadowing me would help any PoliSci major unsure about a future INSIDE government or hesitant about law school become aware of positions like mine that work alongside government at the national and state level. The student would learn about in-depth policy research, the regulatory process, coalition building, and member services.

Cheryl Kamen ‘1982, Director of Adult Services, LMSW, Hudson Guild (Location: New York, NY) Shadow Description: Staff and/or department meetings, interaction with older adult participants, participation in activities/events; sit-in on walk-in social services, if interested. Lunch is included. I am a department head and, as such, don't provide much in the way of one-on-one services - it is more of an administrative experience, although there are opportunities to meet and interact with clients/participants throughout the day.

Cassie Pickens Jewell, 2004, Lead Program Analyst, Mathematica Policy Research (Location: Princton, NJ)  Shadow Description: Mathematica is an employee-owned, for-profit company dedicated to improving public well-being by bringing the highest standards of quality, objectivity, and excellence to bear on information collection and analysis. Students involved in the job shadowing program will learn more about Mathematica's work domestic and public policy, in both the survey research and policy research divisions, and the different career opportunities available at the company.

Tom Shaffer ‘1987, Executive VP, Sales/Marketing/Strategy, Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) (Location: Edison, NJ)  Shadow Description: MTF is the nations largest tissue bank. While we are a medical device company, we are also a 501(c)3 not for profit. We operate in 53 countries and provide therapeutic human biologcs to surgeons, hospitals and health systems. Each student will get to learn about our mission, how to operate as a dynamic medical device company in the complicated healthcare environment, while fulfilling our mission. They will understand how we market, brand, educate, craft strategic and operation plans, and how we work with the communities and countries we serve to educate on the benefits of tissue donation.

Marlene Warner ‘1997, Executive Director, MA Council on Compulsive Gambling (Location: Boston, MA)  Shadow Description: Learn more about a statewide organization that deals directly with gambling through advocacy, prevention and skill building, public awareness and information dissemination, training, education and capacity building of a professional workforce, and intervention, treatment and recovery support of people dealing directly with problems.

Sarah Wendt ‘1990, Director of Major Gifts, Young Women's Leadership Network (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: This organization supports a network of all girls public schools and the College Bound Initiative, a college access program that has a partnership with Gettysburg admissions.

Laurie Whitsel P‘2019, Director of Policy Research, American Heart Association (Location: Washington, DC)  Shadow Description: Will introduce students to the policy research work of the American Heart Association, translating science into policy at the national level in areas such as nutrition standards within government feeding programs, food labeling, exercise prescription, active design, tobacco prevention, hypertension treatment and control, systems of care, health IT, access to care and cardiac and stroke rehabilitation. The association’s policy research department provides evidence-review, modeling, and policy development as the foundation for the American Heart Association’s advocacy work at the national and state level. The shadowing experience will take place in our DC office.

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