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Job Shadowing:

Phil Calbos P’2019, Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator Defense Programs, U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration (Location: Washington, DC) Shadow Description: *U.S. CITIZENSHIP REQUIRED* No two days are alike.  My objective would be to find a date where the student can get a broad overview of what we do here.  That means a lot of discussions that range from detailed program meetings to more general policy discussions.  The meeting participants might be just DoE/NNSA folks, or it could be briefings to Congressional staff or others in the Executive branch.

Cassie Pickens Jewell, 2004, Lead Program Analyst, Mathematica Policy Research (Location: Princton, NJ)  Shadow Description: Mathematica is an employee-owned, for-profit company dedicated to improving public well-being by bringing the highest standards of quality, objectivity, and excellence to bear on information collection and analysis. Students involved in the job shadowing program will learn more about Mathematica's work domestic and public policy, in both the survey research and policy research divisions, and the different career opportunities available at the company.

Kim McMenamin ‘2008, Sr. Research Scientist, The Hershey Company (Location: Hershey, PA)  Shadow Description: Experience Product Development with the Hershey Company. Learn how chemistry, math, engineering and food science are all used when developing candy recipes.

Robert Pomponio, '1988, Scientific Advisor, Sanofi (Farmingham, MA). Shadow Description: Sanofi is a diverse global pharmaceutical company engaged in developing therapies on numerous medical fronts such as Neurodegeneration, Rare Disease, Oncology, Diabetes, and vaccines. Students will be introduced to aspects of scientific work within a commercial environment and how this compliments academic research in bringing new therapeutics to market.

Laurie Whitsel P‘2019, Director of Policy Research, American Heart Association (Location: Washington, DC)  Shadow Description: Will introduce students to the policy research work of the American Heart Association, translating science into policy at the national level in areas such as nutrition standards within government feeding programs, food labeling, exercise prescription, active design, tobacco prevention, hypertension treatment and control, systems of care, health IT, access to care and cardiac and stroke rehabilitation. The association’s policy research department provides evidence-review, modeling, and policy development as the foundation for the American Heart Association’s advocacy work at the national and state level. The shadowing experience will take place in our DC office.

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