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Job Shadowing:

Dr. Christine Densmore ‘1986, Veterinary Medical Officer, U.S. Geological Survey - Leestown Science Center (Location: Kearneysville, WV)  Shadow Description: I am a veterinarian working in the field of aquatic animal disease research with the federal government. I work side by side with scientists with backgrounds in microbiology, molecular biology, and fisheries biology to investigate diseases and research other health related problems that affect wild animals in aquatic environments. Our team could show you the type of work we do on a daily basis and discuss some of our research projects and how they relate to our mission of protecting our Nation's natural resources. This laboratory is located in the Eastern panhandle of West Virginia near Shepherdstown, WV. We are slightly under a 1.5 hour drive from Gettysburg College.

Cassie Pickens Jewell, 2004, Lead Program Analyst, Mathematica Policy Research (Location: Princton, NJ)  Shadow Description: Mathematica is an employee-owned, for-profit company dedicated to improving public well-being by bringing the highest standards of quality, objectivity, and excellence to bear on information collection and analysis. Students involved in the job shadowing program will learn more about Mathematica's work domestic and public policy, in both the survey research and policy research divisions, and the different career opportunities available at the company.

Dr. Robert Jones ‘1980, Medical Director Infectious Diseases, Quest Diagnostics (Location: Chantilly, VA)  Shadow Description: Quest Diagnostics is the largest commercial laboratory in the US. The Chantilly site services over 40,000 clinical specimens per day. As medical director of infectious diseases I work with the clinical laboratory (serology, immunology, clinical microbiology, molecular infectious disease and virology) to optimize laboratory procedures, review and interpret documents and approve clinical test results. We provide consultations from clinicians regarding the appropriateness and interpretation of laboratory tests. Review new research developments in my field of expertise. The student will spend some time in the clinical laboratories to see the types of technologies being utilized. Individuals who are interested in laboratory medicine or medical technology should consider this opportunity. REQUIREMENTS: Must be 18 years old; Govt. ID

Kim McMenamin ‘2008, Sr. Research Scientist, The Hershey Company (Location: Hershey, PA)  Shadow Description: Experience Product Development with the Hershey Company. Learn how chemistry, math, engineering and food science are all used when developing candy recipes.

Dr. Robert Pomponio, '1988, Scientific Advisor, Sanofi (Farmingham, MA). Shadow Description: Sanofi is a diverse global pharmaceutical company engaged in developing therapies on numerous medical fronts such as Neurodegeneration, Rare Disease, Oncology, Diabetes, and vaccines. Students will be introduced to aspects of scientific work within a commercial environment and how this compliments academic research in bringing new therapeutics to market.

Timothy Quinn P‘2019, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Geological Survey (Location: Reston, VA)  Shadow Description: Depending upon the interest of the student we could provide a variety of opportunities that occur at the USGS national headquarters. These include: Information Technology, Data Science and Modeling, Water Science, Chemistry, Geo Science, Hazards (volcano and earthquake) Science and Monitoring, Ecosystems Management, and Office of Communications.

Laurie Whitsel P‘2019, Director of Policy Research, American Heart Association (Location: Washington, DC)  Shadow Description: Will introduce students to health policy and the policy research work of the American Heart Association. Policy areas covered will depend on the shadowing date and the ever-changing political landscape but may include upstream prevention issues including nutrition, physical activity, obesity prevention or other parts of our policy agenda encompassing hypertension treatment and control, systems of care, health IT, access to care and cardiac and stroke rehabilitation. The association’s policy research department provides evidence-review, modeling, and policy development as the foundation for the American Heart Association’s advocacy work at the national and state level. The shadowing experience will take place in our DC office.

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