Sciences/Research - Winter Break Opportunity List

You can apply for opportunities through our online applications.

Job Shadowing Application

Career Networking Dinner Application

Applications are due by November 17th by 11:59pm.  


Job Shadowing:

  • Patrick Hagner '04 - Scientist, Celgene (career field:  Pharmaceutical Research) Location:  Summit, NJ.  Shadowing Description:  Student will observe laboratory research/experiments and translational medicine department meetings.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • Cathryn Nagler P'14 - Professor of Pathology, University of Chicago (career field:  Biomedical Research) Location:  Chicago, IL.  Shadowing Description: Student will discuss research projects with me, and shadow laboratory members while they perform experiments.  This opportunity is appropriate for an advanced biology or health studies (pre-med) major. Available Date(s):  Jan. 6, Jan. 7, Jan. 8, Jan. 9, Jan. 10
  • Jennie MacLeod Witt '99 - HLA Technologist, NorDx Laboratories (career field:  Health care / Transplant / Immunogenetics) Location:  Scarborough, ME.  Shadowing Description:  I would love to talk to students majoring in the sciences or interested in health care laboratory work.  My particular job is very specialized (transplant immunogenetics) but our lab handles most blood testing for a major medical center and it would be interesting for students to see what a job in a clinical lab would look like.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)

Networking Dinners:

  • Amy Marren '88 - Medical Lead, tofacitinib IBD program, Pfizer (career field:  medicine), Sharon (Hilgen) Willis PhD ‘88 (chemistry major), Director of Manufacturing and Sales, Integral Molecular (career field:  Biotechnology) and Dave Willis PhD, ‘91 (physics major) Teacher, Lower Merion School District (career field:  Education)  Dinner Location:  Wayne, PA

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