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Social Work

Job Shadowing:

  • Hannah Grose '13 - Gleaning Coordinator, South Central Community Action Programs (career field:  Social Work, Non-Profit/Public Policy) Location:  Gettysburg, PA.  Shadowing Description:  If the student shadows on Tuesday, we will attend the Local Food Policy Council meeting, activites other than that will depend on the day. They may include grant research, deliveries or pick-ups from farms, gleaning, meetings, or traveling to farms and low income food distribution centers in the area.  Available Date(s):  Because my job does center around agriculture, it can be very variable, especially in the winter. Coordination will be easier the closer we get to the date.
  • Cheryl Kamen '82 - Director of Adult Services, Hudson Guild (career field:  Social Work/Social Services/Non-Profit/Aging/Administration) Location:  New York, NY.  Shadowing Description:  Staff and/or department meetings, interaction with older adult participants, participation in activities/events; sit-in on walk-in social services, if interested. Lunch is included. I am a department head and, as such, don't provide much in the way of one-on-one services - it is more of an administrative experience, although there are opportunities to meet and interact with clients/participants throughout the day.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)

Networking Dinners:

  • Hannah Grose '13 - Gleaning Coordinator, South Central Community Action Programs; Heather Thomas '13 - Americorp*VISTA Food Policy Council Coordinator;  Carla Snyder, Penn State Agricultural Extension Services Educator.  (career fields:  Non-Profit/Public Policy, Social Work) This would be a great dinner for anyone interested in agriculture, sustainability, food access, or social justice.  Dinner Location:  Gettysburg, PA
  • Elizabeth Krueger '11 - Supervisor, Vanguard and MBA Student at St. Joseph’s University, Allison Barrett '12 – Account Executive, DiD, Jordan Monts '12 - Outpatient Psychotherapist at Resources for Human Development Mastery Charter School Program, and possibly Matthew Moyer'12 - Health Safety and Environmental Specialist at Shire (career fields: Finance/Investment, Business, Advertising, Social Work, Environment).  Dinner Location:  Manayunk, PA DINNER DATE: Tuesday, January 6
  • Lorna Rice '81 - Social Worker, Carroll Hospice (career field:  Health Care Social Work)  Dinner Location:  Westminster, MD.
  • Jodi Wayne ‘01 – Clinical Social Worker, Private Practice (BA Sociology, MSW from UMD) - currently doing therapy in private practice, with additional background in case management and working in schools as a social worker;  Martin Wayne ’99 (BA in Math; Masters in Applied Math from Johns Hopkins; PhD in Reliability Engineering, UMD) - works for the Army as a civilian doing reliability work and research. He's a science and math guy. (career fields:  Social Work, Government, Science/Math)  Dinner Location: Bel Air, MD  (willing to do dinner together or separate based on students’ interests).

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