Neither Health nor Counseling Services prescribes medications for ADHD.  Counseling Services and Academic Advising do counsel students with ADHD, however, and students are welcome to come in to these offices for support.  Students with ADHD may also be eligible for disability services through Academic Advising. /about/offices/provost/advising/disabilities

We encourage students who need medication for ADHD to work with their physicians at home to provide their prescriptions while they are here at College.  Students may want to advance schedule appointments with their home physicians to coincide with College breaks.

Students for whom continuing care through their home providers is not viable are encouraged to seek private local care in Gettysburg.  Local providers include:

  • Pennsylvania Counseling (717)337-0026 
  • Adams Hanover Counseling (717) 646-2956

Both agencies are within walking distance of the College campus.

Please note that with both local agencies, students are likely to be required to see a counselor before being referred for psychiatric medications.  Also, as with any healthcare facility, students may have a wait before their first scheduled appointment.  Therefore, we encourage all students to call well in advance for appointments with these local providers.