Community Engaged Course or Department Implementation Funds

The Center for Public Service invites applications for one-time funds to support course or department implementation of community-based learning and community-based research. Funding requests can range from $200-$1,200. 

Funds will be awarded on merit and alignment with the principles of community-based learning.   All applications will be reviewed by representatives of the Center for Public Service and the Provost's Office.  Resources for planning and implementing community engaged courses are available on the CPS website.

Application information:
Provide a short description of the course, the relationship of the proposed community project to student learning goals, the benefit provided to the community partner and a brief budget describing the costs associated with the project (e.g., transportation, supplies related to service, training, course assistants, etc.).  Funds can be used to defray costs for the community partner agency in supporting student involvement. Applications should be sent to Kim Davidson at

Applications Submitted by:                 Notification No Later Than:
September 27, 2013                      October 4, 2013
January 10, 2013                           January 17, 2013

A brief report of all activities funded will be due January 13 for the fall semester and May 19 for the spring semester, including a summary of activities, number of students involved, community partner names, and an itemization of how the funds were spent.

Contact Kim at CPS:


FYS 122-2 Autism: Facts, Myths, and Controversies  Support for activities and field trips in conjunction with students from the Autistic Support Classroom at Gettysburg High School.

Education Department
Support workshops for Gettysburg Area Middle School Teachers and Education Department students to collaborate on building resources for 6th grade social studies teachers using the "Understanding by Design" curricular model.

EDUC 220 Urban Education Support of the service-learning experience in the Baltimore City Public Schools and a day-long campus visit for students from Baltimore to experience Gettysburg College.

FYS-198 Tryin' to find a Way Back Home: Introduction to Literature of Homelessness in America Support for service-learning component of class trip to Washington DC.