Healthcare and Education in Haiti

Statue in HaitiTrip Overview:

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and struggled with economic and political instability before the earthquake in January of 2010. The devastating effects of that earthquake to both infrastructure and to families continues to pose challenges to Haiti.

This trip will explore the state of both education and healthcare in Haiti. Participants will meet with NGOs, government officials, and families who are working towards solutions to some of the challenges they still face. Participants will also have the opportunity to form a friendship over facebook with a university student prior to the trip, and then meet them while on the trip.

Trip Partners:

The group will be hosted by Outreach to Haiti, who have been working in the Caribbean nation for over 25 years. Operating primarily in Port-au-Prince, they provide health care services, support of two orphanages, and help students to achieve success in education through student sponsorships, scholarships, after-school and summer programs, as well as a neighborhood meal program for children.  They regularly facilitate immersion visits for traveling groups to learn about Haiti - its people, culture and land.Education in Haiti

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Travel to Port-au-Prince; Orientation

Day 2: Tour Christ Roi campus; meet pen pals; evening celebration with dinner and DJ

Day 3: Visit primary school in morning; meet with Human Rights lawyer; Visit national history museum

Day 4: Brunch at Historic Oloffson Hotel; Meet with a member of the Ministry of Education to discuss policy and initiatives; Visit St. Theresa Orphanage in the afternoon

Day 5: Visit and tour the Barbancourt Rum Factory and Museum; Wynne Farm (sustainable farm and reforestation project) tour will include hiking

Day 6: Visit secondary school in the morning; university tour in the afternoon; meet representative from National Human Rights Defense Network about education activism in Haiti

Day 7: Visit the craft shop outside of Port-au-Prince; visit to small zoo; meet again with pen pals and evening celebration with live Haitian music

Day 8: Travel back to GettysburgHaiti coast