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NACS Online – Disaster Recovery and Relief

When disasters take place, the Individuals and Households Program (IHP) provides money and services to people in the disaster area when losses are not covered by insurance and property has been damaged or destroyed. This program guide provides information that will help you understand IHP and explains how to apply. You must meet specific eligibility conditions to qualify for help. 

1st Response Source

By studying weather patterns and communicating with leading meteorologists, we’re able to anticipate when and where the next disaster may hit. We position our rapid response team near storm locations nationwide and, when alerted to potential disaster, deploy immediately with our fleet of more than $1 million in specialized disaster response equipment. Our goal is to arrive in the crucial moments following the catastrophe, and our mission is to reduce the time it takes for help to reach those in need – so we can join local first responders in saving lives and restoring hope.


'Reflections' is a collection of stories from ShelterBox volunteers and staff in honor of World Humanitarian Day 2010



Inside Disaster Haiti

Explore Inside Disaster Haiti, our three-part documentary series and feature film following the Red Cross relief operation in Haiti. Watch exclusive excerpts, meet the filmmakers and subjects, and find out where to see Inside Disaster Haiti at public screenings, on television, and on DVD.

Trouble the Water

Trouble the Water takes you inside Hurricane Katrina in a way never before seen on screen. It’s a redemptive tale of two self-described street hustlers who become heroes-two unforgettable people who survive the storm and then seize a chance for a new beginning.

Faces in a Famine

The documentary looks at the Ethiopian relief efforts in personal terms, focusing not only on the victims of the famine, but on the motivations of the odd assemblage of people drawn to the disaster site, including nurses, television producers, and "disaster groupies."