2016-2017 Expedition Locations:
GRAB Expedition

Backpacking the West Coast Trail, British Columbia: May 24

Kayaking New Hampshire's Lakes and Rivers: May 23

Backpacking Sequoia and King's Canyon, California May 24

Trekking in Tuscany, Italy October 6, 2016 (trip is closed)

Imagine waking up on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula, free of technology, distraction, and the stresses of work and life. Walk by herds of elk, through mountain passes and lush rain forests, and enjoy a good meal with better company to round out a satisfying day. Now imagine falling asleep to the most beautiful view you've ever seen--then do it all over again. 

Each Spring we offer two-week expeditions on trails and open water to provide opportunities to appreciate new locations, people, your Gettysburg experience, and to learn what you're capable of. Designed by Gettysburg for Gettysburg, these programs vary in intensity from trekking between 4 star inns in Tuscany to mountaineering in Peru's Cordillera Blanca, and have included participants from 18 to 80 years old.

Past Expedition Locations