Racer results and log for 2013

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10 mile power walk
10 K power walk

Wednesday, November 13th: 

Oh the Twisted Turkey's feathers are ruffled. He was hoping for a nasty, wintry mix for Saturday's race, but that forecast is not happening. We get sunny and 57 degrees! It will still be cold at the start of the race, but the sun will certainly be shining and warming up the area by the time you cross the finish line. 

Our target numbers are changing each day. We jumped another ten registrations last night, taking us over the 150 mark. We will continue to accept on-line registrations through noon on Friday. Afterwards, any interested runners will need to walk-in on Saturday and pay by either check or cash. 

Mugs, t-shirts, pretzels, water stations, popcorn, entertainment, turkey dogs, prizes and the raffle are all set. T-shirts and mugs were guaranteed for those who registered by November 2nd. But we did order a few more for those who registered later over the last week and half.

Two more days…two more updates. 


Tuesday, November 12th: 

  1. Race Numbers: We are estimating 150-175 runners this year.
  2. Important Times:
    Power Walkers--registration opens at 7:45am at the Nature Center with a course briefing at 8:35am--race begins at 9:00am. 
    10k/10mile Racers--registration opens at 8:00am at the Nature Center with a course briefing at 9:35am--race begins at 10:00am. Please do not wait until the last minute to arrive—it takes time to register everyone and we do expect a number of walk-ins on race day. The race will start promptly at 10:00am. We are only able to close the township roads for a few minutes, so we need to start on time.
  3. Parking: There is some parking next to the main office, but due to the race numbers we will use the upper parking lot. Be prepared to walk about a ¼ of a mile from the parking area to the Nature Center/start of the race.
  4. Belongings: You will be able to leave a runners bag at the Nature Center for the duration of the race.
  5. Toilets: There are four portable toilets next to the Nature Center that you can use as “comfort stations” prior to the run, or just select a tree to access while on the race route. Please remember to Leave No Trace.
  6. Route: The route has been cleared—and final posting will take place Thursday.
  7. Refreshments:There are 2 water stations along the route and one at the finish with goodies and treats (estimated locations):
    1. For 1 miler—water is provided at the start and finish of the race
    2. For 10k—water is provided at 1.5 miles, 4 miles & 5.5 miles (which is the same station), and the finish line
    3. For 10 mile—water is provided at 3.3, 4.8, 7.3 & 9.2 miles (which is the same station), and the finish line
  8. Additional Refreshments: Jake, owner of the Ragged Edge, is setting up the coffee cart to sell hot chocolate, cider, tea, and coffee prior to the start of the race. In addition, he will also provide one turkey dog to all runners after crossing the finish line (just what you want immediately following a race). The Appalachian Brewing Company sponsoring libations as well.
  9. Entertainment: Music is provided by Brittany Opperman: http://www.brittanyopperman.com/
  10. Directions: http://www.strawberryhill.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=20&Itemid=174
  11. Timing: Timing for the race is provided by York Road Runners.
  12. Race Pace: Ten mile racers need to maintain a 14 minute/mile race pace. If runners are not at the Blue Kiosk (mile 4 for the 10k race, and mile 7.3 for the 10 mile race) by 11:40am , then runners may be directed back toward the finish line.  
  13. Changes: If you plan to change from one race to the other, please notify us by noon on Friday so we can adjust your bib number.
  14. Awards: The awards ceremony begins promptly at noon. Awards will be given to the top female and male runners for each age category, along with the overall top female/male runners for both the 10k and 10 mile race. We will host a raffle at the end of the race as well.  

Wednesday, November 6th: Whew! After a week of hanging out with extended relatives in the Midwest, the Twisted Turkey has returned back to PA for complete the final race preparations. There are a few questions about the course. 

The course: soooooo, about a week and half ago the course was slightly marked. The feedback has been mixed--some saying they get confused. It is a skeleton marking. More flags and arrows will be posted next week. If you are on the course this weekend, you may need to slow down and not only look for the orange flags, but also notice what trail color you are running on. Just a thought...it is a trail. Next, the trail  has been slightly modified on the lower pink section as you approach the blue trail. The new descriptions are now posted for the 10k course on the race logistics page. The distances are in "ishes." Meaning, 1.2-3.3ish until the Turkey gets out and uses the road counter and a few GPS units to dial in the actuals (ishes). Enjoy the final week of training.  

Monday, October 28th: We want to provide an updates to one change this year. We included a 9:00am start time for power walkers. This segment of the race is a good option for those who want a good trek, hike with friends, and are not interested in running the course. We have racers from the age of 9 to 70 signed up for this start time. Walkers should be able to complete the 10k course in time to see a lot of the runner start coming across the finish line, and be part of the celebrations.

Speaking of celebrations, post-race awards and antics include: gifts for overall winners and five age brackets, t-shirts for those who register by the deadline, a glass used to toast with while sipping on the post-race recovery formula supplied by the Appalachian Brewing Company, turkey dogs for the racers, and a host of gifts that are part of a raffle. It's like a little fall festival of happy runners and one twisted turkey.

Friday, October 25th (4:30pm): The 10k course has been marked with orange flags. It is a skeleton marking and there are a few arrows to indicate turns. For the 10k runners, when you reach the kiosk at the top of Baker's Knob, turn around and head back down the hill. For 10 mile runners, blue flags have been placed on top of Baker’s that outline of the three extensions. The other two extensions will be posted closer to the race. We received seven more registrations today. That's seven more zany individuals who will feel the burn...

Friday, October 25th (9:00am): The Twisted Turkey is thankful for all the early registrations, receiving 8-10 new registrations a day over the last week and a half. In response, the Twisted Turkey is feeling the pressure to set up the course. After speaking with him this morning he grudgingly agreed to skeleton marking of the 10k course today. If you head out to Strawberry Hill anytime between this afternoon and race day, you will see orange flags marking the trail and green arrows indicating turns at certain junctions. More directional information will be posted closer to the day of the race. 

The Twisted Turkey Quote of the day: "Pain happens, suffering is optional."