Course Descriptions

The general trail directions are listed below and if you follow these, or look at the online map, you will get a sense of the route. All trail distances will be added in the coming weeks and finalized before the start of the race.  The trails will be marked with Orange Pin Flags for you to follow during the race; intersections will also be roped to help guide you in the right direction.

Click this link for the 10K course outline

Notated map for 10k course

GPS Data 10k course


10-Mile Course:

Start at the Strawberry Hill Office and face the direction of the the Pink House, and look for the blue flags. Follow the road past the Pink House and make left turn after the parking lot. You will pass the pine forest and then over the bridge. Continue straight around/under the gate. Stay straight until you pop out of the woods and you see a trail to your left headed uphill. Take the left and go up, up, up, always bearing to the right at any trail intersections. When you start to reach the top of the hill, you will notice some logging activity. Your path turns into a distinct logging road, it will start to descend, it will bear right and continue to descend. Stay on the road and just meters after the 2nd mile you will come across an intersection. Turn right off the logging road and you will now be heading back toward Strawberry Hill (if you start going back up, you missed the turn). After 7/10th of mile you will arrive back at the woods. Continue straight on the path back to Strawberry Hill. Here you will pick up the orange flags until the first kiosk at the intersection of the white/pink/red trails. (3.14 miles)

GPS 10 Mile Start

Once you arrive at the first kiosk, turn left. Head straight until you see two blue flags marking a right turn up the red trail (if you end up back at the Pink House), you have gone too far. Make the right turn, up the trail to the gravel road. Turn right and head up the gravel road to the Quarry parking area. Look for the red trail sign, and bear right to head back down the hill to the kiosk. Turn left at the kiosk and over the bridge. Follow orange flags (the 10k) trail for the rest of the race. (.62miles)

GPS 10 Mile 2nd Extension