On Campus Resources:

Counseling Services
Gettysburg Counseling Services offers a safe and confidential environment for students to looking to discuss their sexuality or gender identity. All counselors are well-versed on issues facing queer students, able to help guide students through the slippery slope of navigating one’s sexual and gender identity in a nurturing environment. Additionally, Counseling Services offers an LGBTQ specific support and discussion group. For more information, please email LGBTQA@gettysburg.edu.

The Women’s & LGBTQA Resource Center
Home to both LGBTQA Advocacy & Education, as well as the Women’s Center, the Women's & LGBTQA Resource Center aims to provide a safe space for discussions and events regarding gender & sexuality. The Center is geared toward educating the college community on issues pertaining to equality, striving to make the campus a welcoming place for all individuals.

The Office of Multicultural Engagement
The Office of Multicultural Engagement serves multicultural and international students studying at Gettysburg College. We are particularly committed to the academic and personal development of international, African-American, Asian-American, Latino, and Native American students. Students can expect to receive personal attention and academic advising that addresses individual needs, interests and questions.

Additional Resources:

The Asexuality Visibility & Education Network
The Asexuality Visibility & Education Network promotes positive resources for Asexual individuals as well as helpful resources for understanding and respecting the Asexual community. This site provides forums where individuals can respectfully discuss the subject of Asexuality and find support from across the nation, as well as educational sources.  

The Bisexual Resource Center
The Bisexual Resource Center provides assistance in finding other people who identify as bisexual as well as helpful information regarding bisexuality.

Central Pennsylvania Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
The Central Pennsylvania Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce believes that diversity is a goal that can never be considered fully achieved in the business community. CPGLCC works to support diversity and assist Central Pennsylvania’s business community in pursuit of an ideal workplace, marketplace, industry and region.

Equality Pennsylvania
Founded 15 years ago as the Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights and later growing into Equality Advocates PA, Equality Pennsylvania is the only organization in the Commonwealth advocating in Harrisburg and across the state, exclusively for the rights of LGBTQIA Pennsylvanians.

GLAAD is a queer positive organization that provides extensive information on the queer community. Perhaps one of their most notable resources is their resource pertaining to the Transgender community, providing information on transitioning and on being a good Ally to Transgender individuals. Additionally, GLAAD also hosts a plethora of resources for other individuals in the LGBTQIA community.

LGBT Community Center Coalition
The mission of the LGBT Community Center Coalition is to create common ground for the LGBTQIA community and allies in Central Pennsylvania by providing services through spiritual, educational and cultural activities that foster wholeness.

Metropolitan Community Church of the Spirit
Located in Harrisburg, MCC of the Spirit is an intentionally diverse spiritual community reaching across barriers of gender, race, sexuality, disabilities, and religious backgrounds.

PA Diversity Network
PA Diversity Network is a collection of various queer resources, ranging from information on queer literature to navigating the intricacies of being “out” with one’s family. Also provides a detailed list of doctors servicing queer individuals with an extensive section on doctors and  lawyers geared toward aiding the LGBTQIA community.

Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
You have the right to live, work, learn and play free from illegal discrimination. The PA Human Relations Commission enforces Pennsylvania's anti-discrimination laws and promotes equal opportunity. We encourage diverse workplaces, schools and communities where differences are not just tolerated, but celebrated.

TransCentralPA is committed to providing education and caring support for Transgender individuals, their Significant Others, families, friends & allies. We are also actively involved in maintaining an outreach program to provide gender education to businesses, organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies. http://transcentralpa.org/