Q&A LogoNew to campus in the Fall of 2015, Q&A is dedicated to the promotion of acceptance and advancement for gender, sexual, and romantic minorities. Meetings may consist of group discussion and event planning, and the goal of Q&A meetings/events is to allow individuals of all sexualities and gender identities to come together, build community, and frankly discuss issues in a safe environment.



Friend or F.O.E.

friendorfoeFriend or F.O.E. is a student group focused on providing a social, supportive atmosphere for LGBTQA students looking to spend time with like-minded peers. Whether discussing celebrity crushes, Orange is the New Black, or how to navigate social life on campus as a Queer-identified person, Friend or F.O.E. seeks to create a community where members are able to be themselves and contribute to positive change on campus in their own way.

Queer Peer Mentorship Program

The Queer Peer Mentorship Program offers incoming LGBTQA-identified students and underclassmen the opportunity to pair with an upperclass Queer student via a semi-structured peer mentorship relationship. Interested in being matched with a mentor? Apply today! Send your completed form to Gretchen Natter (interim director of LGBTQA Advocacy & Education).

Discussion Groups

There are multiple discussion groups relating to sexuality and gender.

  • nGender - nGender is a bi-weekly meeting for students to dialogue around gender issues. Join us for a lively and honest discussion on alternate Tuesdays from 11:45-1:00 in The Women's & LGBTQA Resource Center. Bring your own lunch!
  • Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Discussion Group
  • Queer People of Color (QPOC) Discussion Group



QHouse is an established college house that is committed to raising awareness about queer issues and queer culture, as well as providing a safe space on campus for students of all sexualities and gender identities. Although this house is, in nature, very queer-friendly and queer-positive, living in this house is not limited to queer students. All Gettysburg College students are eligible to live within QHouse and the House contributes to the campus community by hosting events, as well as distributing educational material. QHouse frequently hosts events, including but not limited to: film screenings, meet and greets with visiting campus speakers/performers, faculty/staff/alumni receptions, and many more!

Student Created Library Guide

HannahGettysburg College students are well-known for their ability to take initiative and impact their community. Due to the efforts of Hannah Leone, Class of 2014, Gettysburg College is able to take great pride in a library research guide that is dedicated to LGBTQA resources. Hannah has compiled an abundance of books, films, documentaries, and other valuable sources to educate and inform on data pertinent to the LGBTQA community. This library guide is still under construction, gradually growing into an even larger database. At present, one can review information on the bisexual community, the transgender community, and LGBTQA culture as a whole. In the future, this library guide will encompass information geared towards other portions of the acronym- such as sections featuring the lesbian community and the asexual community.