A unique sound system has been installed in the Attic. The system is designed as a hybrid to combine high quality reinforcement of live entertainment, as well as club quality music on the dance floor (similar in concept to Boston's "Avalon"). The main speaker system is oriented to the room's length consists of stereo speaker arrays flown downstage left and right, with sub-bass (low frequency) cabinets on the floor. Another pair of stereo cabinets is flown at the far end of the dance floor. For live entertainment, these cabinets may be turned to provide clear sound for the bar area. For dance events, the speakers may be oriented toward the dance floor. The resulting four-point system maximizes the club feel on the dance floor, while the program volume in the balance of the room can be relatively low.

Both live music and DJ entertainment may be positioned on the stage. The patch points for the Front of house sound and lighting consoles at the rear of the dance floor provide an alternative DJ location on the dance floor. The house sound console, house processing rack, and the DJ processing electronics are designed to be portable for storage when not needed for events.

The House Concert system features:


> 24 channel Allen & Heath mixing console
> BSS Processing w/ 6 preset System modes
> DBX 1231 Stereo graphic equalization at FOH position
> Patchable DBX 166 gate/compressors
> Yamaha SPS 990 effects processor
> Speaker systems by Clair Brothers & JBL
> QSC power amplifiers
> Microphones, stands, cables to support a wide variety of entertainment
> Four stage monitor mixes from house position


The House Dance system features:


> Integrated Rane mixer w/ Dual Denon DN-2000F MKIII CD
> 2 Technics 1200M3D turntables w/ Groovemaster cartridges
> Denon AHD 720 cassette deck
> Denon AHD 750 Headphones