Attic Operational Procedures


Application Process:

  1. The student/group completes a request on the R25 web system.
  2. The Assistant Director Director of Student Activities, Scheduling Coordinator, and College Life Technical Coordinator review the application based on a number of factors. 
  3. The Scheduling Coordinator will inform student/group about status of application.
  4. On receipt of their letter of event approval, the student/group begins planning for their event.
  5. The Assistant Director of Student Activities or Attic Student Coordinator will be in contact with student/group to schedule a meeting at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event to discuss details and sign the Host Responsibility Agreement. 
  6. Event Confirmation and Summary is sent to the host.

Suggestions for Staffing an Event:

Sponsors (point person required at all times)


               Food: 1 volunteer

               Furniture: 2-4 volunteers

               Decorations: 2 volunteers

During event:

               Check in/out: 2 volunteers

               Roaming security/food: 3 volunteers

Alcohol Policies:

  1. Arriving students will need to provide valid Gettysburg College ID.
  2. Students wishing to consume alcohol (BYOB and Host Provider events only):
    1. must be verified by the Over 21 Listing.
    2. must have a wristband placed on them by a TIPS server.
    3. will be allowed 3 alcoholic beverages over a 4 hour period.*
    4. must allow TIPS server to remove 1 wristband tab for each alcoholic beverage consumed.
    5. will be denied alcoholic beverages if intoxicated.
      1. Non-alcoholic beverages should always be available.
      2. Events where alcohol is served must provide a variety of food, including non-salty snacks.

* 1 beverage = 12 oz. beer or 9 oz. wine