Host Responsibility Agreement Form


Host: the student or student organization that registers an event to be held in The Attic.

Guest: any person present at a social event in The Attic, other than a host or a member of the host organization.

Social Event: any event taking place in the Attic with 30 or more guests and hosts combined.

Social Event with Alcohol: ("SEA") a social event at which alcohol will be present.

Policies and Procedures Governing Use of The Attic:

  1. The host of the event will be responsible for the safety and behavior of all guests and for compliance with all applicable laws and the College Code of Conduct.
  2. The host is responsible for ensuring that the College's Social Event Policy is followed (as detailed in the College's Policy and Procedure Handbook.) Hosts and guests will be expected to adhere to all posted rules for the use of The Attic, as well as to all provisions of the Code of Conduct (as detailed in the College's Policy and Procedure Handbook.) Any violations of College policy will be reported to the Office of Student Activities (OSA) and referred to the College's Director of Judicial Affairs for possible disciplinary action.
  3. All decorations must be discussed and approved by a representative from the OSA at consultation meeting prior to the event. All items brought in by the organization must be taken out of the building or placed in trashcans before leaving the building.
  4. An inventory of Attic equipment, furnishings, etc. will be taken prior to the event and again at the end of the event. Host(s) will be held responsible for missing, lost or damaged inventory. The host will be responsible for charges related to any excessive cleaning necessary as a result of their event.
  5. It is expected that the host(s) of the event will arrive at The Attic at the prearranged setup time for the event. Failure of the host(s) to fulfill this expectation will result in cancellation of the event.
  6. Hosts may charge admission only for events at which no alcohol will be present. Events that charge admission must advertise the admission fee prominently in all publicity for the event and must include in their publicity clear information about how the funds collected are being used (e.g. for charity, to defray the cost of the band, etc.)
  7. Failure to comply with the terms of this agreement may result in early termination of the event. Failure to comply with these terms will be reported to the OSA for possible action (e.g. loss of the privilege of using the facility.) Appeals of any decisions regarding failure to comply with the conditions of this agreement may be made to the Director of Student Activities within 5 working days of the OSA's decision.
  8. The College will provide a technical support staff member to oversee the use of The Attic during the event.


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