Scheduling an Event in The Attic

Scheduling an Event in The Attic


  1. Available via the 25Live web system.
  2. Groups affiliated with Gettysburg College may reserve The Attic for a variety of social events during the fall and spring semester based on availability.
  3. Scheduling can be done any point before or during a semester but priority will be given to reservations made at least one month before an event. 
  4. Applications are reviewed by the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Scheduling Coordinator, and College Life Technical Coordinator, who make initial scheduling decisions.
  5. All events that are being planned as host provider must be approved by APRAB (Alcohol Policy Review Advisory Board), this is done via the Scheduling Coordinator and the Assistant Director of Student Activities. 
  6. Hosts are contacted 30 days prior to their scheduled event to review details of the event. At this time, hosts need to meet with the Assistant Director of Student Activities or the Attic Student Coordinator to discuss their event and sign the Host Responsibility Agreement, or the event cannot move forward.

Who can apply to host an event in The Attic?

Any Gettysburg College (G.C.) student, G.C. group of students, or G.C. student organization can apply to host an event in The Attic, under the following guidelines:

  1. Expected attendance for the event should be at least 50 people. If your event is going to have fewer than 50 people, you can schedule your event in one of the College's smaller social spaces.
  2. The host(s) of the event must agree to all terms of The Attic's Host Responsibility Agreement and abide by the College's Social Event Policy and the College's Code of Conduct.
  3. Hosts must designate their event, at the time of registration, as being open to the entire College community, open to the public as well, or closed to only the invited guests of the hosts.