Measure Your Pleasure

Title of Event:  Measure Your Pleasure 

Name of Presenter(s):  CHEERS 

Office/Department: Counseling 

Last year, 30 male students and 20 female students were transported to the emergency room for alcohol overdose.  All of them had been drinking hard alcohol.  In response to this, CHEERS recommends that if you choose to drink, choose beer.

 If you choose to drink alcohol, always measure.  Students will pour an amount of water the size that they think a shot of alcohol is into various sized cups. They will then again estimate a shot while wearing fatal vision goggles which simulates intoxication. Presenters will give first year students helpful information about how to stay safer if they choose to drink.   

  • Students will learn ways to count the number of drinks they have
  • Students will receive a personalized BAC card that tells them how many drinks they can consume and maintain a relatively safer BAC of .055.
  • Students will learn what foods to eat before they drink will help them stay safer
  • Students will learn how much alcohol is in a shot.

Estimated Length of Program:  1 half hour to 45 minutes

September 26 @ 7pm

October 16 @ 7pm