Condoms, Cucumbers, and Conversation


Name of Presenter(s):  CHEERS 

Office/Department:  Counseling 

 In this fun program, CHEERS presenters demonstrate the process of putting a condom on correctly by putting one on a cucumber.  Participants can give it a try too if they choose!  This program will also provide you with kind, assertive responses to say if your partner is reluctant to use one. You will also learn how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.  (If you don't need this information now, maybe you can help a friend who does!). 

  • Students will learn how to put a condom on properly
  • Students will learn kind, assertive responses to use with a partner who resists using a condom.
  • Students will learn how to protect themselves or their friends from sexually transmitted infections. 

Estimated Length of Program: 30 to 45 minutes

September 18 @ 6pm

September 20 @ 7pm