German Studies Colloquium

Title of Event: German Studies Colloquium

Name of Presenter(s): Sibel-Sayili-Hurley

Office/Department: German Studies

"Mehmet, you don't drive a Mercedes?"- Identity formation of the alamanci (GermanTurk)

Prof. Sibel Sayili-Hurley’s talk approaches basic concepts regarding identity issues of German-Turks. After discussing identity issues of German-Turks residing in Germany, she turns to the identity-issues these people face when they move 'back' to Turkey and become known as 'Alamanci.'

Become familiar with concepts such as transnationalism and hybridity.

Gain an understanding of issues facing German-Turks both in Germany and as remigrants to Turkey.

Estimated Length of Program: 1 hour


October 10 @ 4pm