Leadership in Your First Year

Title of Event: Leadership in Your First Year

Name of Presenter(s): Leadership Mentors

Office/Department: Garthwait Leadership Center

This interactive and engaging discussion, led by students, will explore the truths and myths about leadership while helping participants identify experiences on campus that will provide them with the leadership development they need.  Participants will also learn about the goals of the Garthwait Leadership Center and the programs offered throughout the year.

Students will be able to:

  • Think critically about the mhtys/assumptions surrounding the definition of leadership
  • Identify at least three experiences at Gettysburg that can help them develop leadership skills
  • Explain the basic goals and purposes of the Garthwait Leadership Center

Estimated Length of Program: 60 minutes

September 12 @ 5pm

October 4 @ 6pm

November 6 @ 7pm