Social Justice Discussion

Title of Event: A Social Justice Discussion with CPS

Office/Department: Hannah Frantz, Center for Public Service

Come join the Center for Public Service for an exciting discussion with your peers about social justice issues at Gettysburg College and in the Gettysburg community at large. Together, we will talk about issues that you have noticed and chosen to discuss on campus and in the community. We will also introduce you to everything the Center for Public Service has to offer throughout your college experience.

Students will define what social justice means and how it applies to the Gettysburg College community as well as the Gettysburg Community at large. Students will also learn about the programs that the Center for Public Service offers. They will experience a small-scale version of the nGender and eRace discussions that take place on campus.

Estimated Length of Program: 1 hour

September 19 @ 12:30pm

October 23 @ 7pm