The Silence of Our Friends

Title of Event: The Silence of Our Friends

Name of Presenter(s): Shirley Armstrong

Office/Department: Counseling

Have you ever been in a social situation where you observed an unacceptable behavior or comment?  Have you ever realized that someone’s comment has hurt a friend of yours?  Have you ever felt marginalized by someone’s joke or comment?   Have you ever made a comment and realized immediately afterwards that you possibly hurt or offended someone in the room?  I can say yes to all of these questions and I imagine that many of you can to.  It is hard to think fast enough to decide what to do in these situations that inevitably occur because we are all human and therefore fallible.

I plan to open up this topic for discussion. You can feel free to come with your ideas.  You are also welcome if you just want to listen to others discuss this topic. There are no hard and fast rules or answers because every situation is different, but I do believe that thinking in advance will leave us all more prepared to speak up or apologize in these situations when they occur in our lives. 

In the words of Martin Luther King “In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”.

Estimated Length of Program: 45 minutes

October 15 @ 12:15pm

November 6 @ 12:15pm