Unrequired Reading: The Lighter Side of Musselman Library

Title of Event: Unrequired Reading: The Lighter Side of Musselman Library

Name of Presenter(s): Kerri Odess-Harnish, Janelle Wertzberger 

Office/Department: Reference & Instruction Department, Musselman Library 

Do you enjoy hanging out in bookstores and libraries?  Do you love reading for fun or indulging in a good movie on a rainy Friday afternoon?  If so, this session is for you!  Hear about the many ways that Musselman Library can entertain and enrich your life over the next four years.  Participants will learn how to find books, films and other library materials that can be used enjoyment (or even for classes).  From graphic novels, Rolling Stone magazine, and reading programs, to audiobooks and the latest award-winning films - there is something for everyone at our library. 

Students will:

  • Learn about library collections and resources, with a focus on leisure materials (fiction, film, graphic novels, etc.)
  • Understand the library as a cultural institution and the intellectual hub of Gettysburg College.
  • Discover how the library can support extracurricular interests. 

Estimated Length of Program: 45 minutes

October 11 @ 4pm

October 17 @ 4pm