Dear Gettysburgians:

Coming to college and trying to discern whether or not this is a place where you belong can be daunting.  Spiritual life and religious practices can assist students in feeling like they belong.  A place to gather and worship where you can be who you are helps to make the entire transition to college life easier.

So, we have tried at Gettysburg, through the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, to help student make connections by sharing life in an inclusive and welcoming community.  Our students come form a variety of backgrounds - some have been brought up in traditional faith communities; some have had no experience or relationship with a community of faith.  Whatever background you have, however you understand yourself, we welcome you.

At Gettysburg, ministries are offered that are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc.  A significant portion of our students are of Roman Catholic background; the heritage of our College is Lutheran.  Hillel welcomes Jewish students.  A Buddhist meditation group meets weekly.  Student religious groups provide opportunities for students to learn, explore and dialogue.  There are groups for those who are unsure or uncertain as well.  The student Interfaith Council provides students and faculty with opportunities to learn, dialogue and deepen understanding.

Ways to connect bound here.  So, check out the web pages of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.  Come to the initial meetings of campus religious and spiritual groups.  You'll find a welcoming spirit - a place where you belong - and a community that's happy you are here, together with us, seeking to know more about life and our connection together with God.

Welcome to Gettysburg College!

Blessings and peace!

Pastor  Joseph A. Donnella II
Chaplain of the College