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Student Necessities
Student Property
Liability Insurance
Automobile Insurance

Student Necessities
There are several items which you may want to bring with you for your room. You will need to provide your own blankets, pillows, bedspreads, linens, and towels. Most residence halls have card/coin-operated laundry facilities located in or near the building.

You may wish to bring the following:

  • Alarm clock
  • Broom or dry mop and dust pan
  • Desk lamp(s) [note: halogen lamps are prohibited]
  • Small waste basket
  • Laundry basket or bag
  • UL listed surge-protected power strip

    The following items are recommended for more comfortable living:

  • Rug-9'x12' is a good size for most rooms
  • Computer
  • Extra long twin sheets (mattress size is 38" x 80")
  • Window curtains (Window treatments such as curtains must be made of fabric that resists or retards the spreading of flames and has either UL fire rating #723 or NFPA 225.  Windows vary from room to room and we advise you to wait to purchase your curtains until after you arrive.)
  • Small vacuum cleaner
  • First-aid kit
  • Fan
  • Robe, shower shoes, caddy for shower supplies

    The following electrical appliances are allowed:

  • Radio, stereo, TV, DVD player
  • Coffee pot or hot pot with automatic turn-off, iron, popcorn popper, razor, hair dryer, electric blanket, lava lamp 

Bicycles are attractive to thieves; therefore, while on campus, bikes should be locked in racks provided near most residence hall and classroom buildings. All bicycles must be registered with the Department of Public Safety. This service is free to all members of the College community. Bicycles cannot be left in stairwells, hallways, or any passageways within buildings, and must never be chained to stair banisters due to fire code regulations. Motorcycles, mopeds, etc., are not allowed in any building at any time.

Storing personal property in the residence halls over the summer is not permitted. A summer storage area for trunks, suitcases, etc., is provided on a very limited basis for international students and domestic students living at least 600 miles away from campus. Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis; the College assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged articles left in storage. If possible, you should plan to bring only items which will fit in your room or car. There is no storage available during the academic year. For more information regarding both domestic and international storage, please contact Dwayne Taylor. Information regarding storage may also be found on the Office of Residence Life's website:

Domestic Storage

International Storage



Student Property  
Gettysburg College is not responsible for any personal possessions in a residence hall room or left in a laundry room or any other common space. Gettysburg College strongly recommends that all students insure the belongings that they bring to campus. Unfortunately, there have been situations in the past where student belongings have been stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Reimbursement for such loss can be provided by insurance. The College's property insurance does not cover student property. Some homeowner's policies automatically cover property while a student is away at college. Otherwise, renter's insurance can be purchased specifically for the student. Please check with your family's insurance agent about obtaining appropriate coverage.

Any questions concerning insurance coverage should be directed to:
Gettysburg College
Office of HR & Risk Management

To guard against theft or damage of your property as well as that of your friends and roommates, the College recommends the following safeguards:

  • Record serial numbers or similar identifying numbers and/or makes of watches, MP3 players, stereos, computers, televisions, etc.
  • Consider leaving family heirlooms or other valuable items at home
  • Keep money and valuables in a secure place. Do not keep excess amounts of cash in your room!
  • Record the numbers of all credit cards and checking accounts and keep addresses of the companies and banks so that you can notify them if your cards are lost or stolen.
  • Be alert to the presence of strangers in non-public areas of living units; report their presence to the RC, RA, CA, CL or Public Safety. This also applies to solicitors (who are not permitted).
  • Keep your room locked whenever it is unoccupied and at night when you are sleeping.

Liability Insurance
A homeowner's or renter's policy may also provide liability coverage for a student. Liability insurance protects someone if he or she negligently causes injury to another person or damage to another's property. Many years ago a fire on campus resulted from the negligence of some students. It was the student's family's homeowner's policy, which paid for the defense and settlement of the subsequent lawsuits by other students. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon today for accidents to lead to lawsuits. Financial responsibility for damage and/or fire caused by use of prohibited items will be incurred by the responsible student(s).

Automobile Insurance
If a student brings an automobile to college, the student must carry the liability insurance required by the applicable state law. Gettysburg College also recommends that physical damage (comprehensive) coverage be purchased as well. There have been occasional situations when vehicles parked on campus have been damaged or vandalized. All of the College parking lots are "park at your own risk". Damage to vehicles parked on campus is not the responsibility of the College.