Needing a Helping Hand: Working with the Residence Life Staff

Staff on Duty
Keys and Lockouts
Lost or Stolen Keys


Staff on Duty
Residence Life Staff are available for problems and emergencies that may occur in the halls.

During the day if you need assistance you should find your RC/RA/CA/CL, or you may call any of the Area Offices, the Office of Residence Life or Public Safety.

717-337-6901 (x6901) Office of Residence Life (located in CUB 250)
717-337-6901 (x6901) Apartments & Suites Area Office (located in CUB 250)
717-337-6899 (x6899) West Quad Office (located in Stine Hall)
717-337-6841 (x6841) East Quad Office (located in Patrick Hall)
717-337-7503 (x7503) Sophomore Resources & College Houses (located in Musselman Hall)
717-337-6911 (x6911) Department of Public Safety (located at 51 W. Stevens St.) 

During the evenings from 9:00 p.m. - midnight (Friday and Saturday 9:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m.), student staff members are available in the East and West Quad Duty Offices. The staff can be reached by telephone during this time for any problems. The West Quad duty office is located in Stine Hall and the phone number is x8700. The East Quad duty office is located in Patrick Hall and the phone number is x8572. If you cannot reach a staff member in the duty office, staff members go on rounds throughout the evening, so please leave a message or call back. After these times, duty staff can be reached in their rooms.

For problems in the upperclass area, you may contact Public Safety and ask to be put in touch with the Professional Staff member or the student staff member on-call.

The Department of Public Safety can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Keys and Lockouts
Each resident is issued keys to his/her residence hall and room or apartment upon check-in.  All keys remain property of the College and may not be duplicated. Duplicated keys will be confiscated and the student will be charged $100 for a lock core change and possible disciplinary sanctions. When vacating an assigned room during the academic year, keys must be returned to the Office of Residence Life. Please carry your key in a manner that limits loss; this will help you to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and expense.

Students accidentally locked out of their room

Any student who is locked out of his/her room may go to the Department of Public Safety Office (51 West Stevens Street) and request to check out a reserved room key to admit him/herself into his/her room. The following instructions and expectations apply:

  • The reserved room key (known as the "bar key" because the key is attached to a heavy metal bar) may only be checked out for a maximum time period of 30 minutes. This time period provides students with ample time to use the "bar key" to enter their room, pick up their own key, and return the "bar key" to DPS.
  • If the "bar key" is not returned within 30 minutes then the student will be charged a $25 late fee. If the "bar key" is not returned by 8:00am the next day then a work order will be submitted for a lock change (see Lost or Stolen Keys below).
  • When the student returns the "bar key" to DPS he/she must show their room key. If he/she does not show the officer his/her room key then a work order will be placed to change the lock and issue new keys (see Lost or Stolen Keys below).
  • After the fifth request to borrow the "bar key" all residents in the room/apartment will be required to meet with a Residence Life Professional Staff member. During this meeting all students will be asked to present their key and the group will discuss the need to be responsible with maintaining possession of keys. If all roommates cannot present their keys then a lock change will be ordered (see Lost or Stolen Keys below).

Borrowing the "bar key" is free and available twenty-four hours a day. A student may only check out a key to the room that he/she is assigned to and must provide identification to obtain a "bar key." Public Safety may use CNAV for identification purposes.

The Department of Public Safety will respond to any abnormal circumstances surrounding a lock-out situation where the student is unable to obtain the "bar key" on his/her own. Students should call the Department of Public Safety at 717-337-6912 or x6912; additionally, there is a $10.00 fee for this service. Lock-out responses will be prioritized based on other community needs and could result in significant delays. You will need to present your key when you are let into your room. Failure to show your room key will result in an automatic lock change at the student's expense (see Lost or Stolen Keys below).

Lost or Stolen Keys
If you lose or break your key during business hours, you must contact Facilities Services at 717-337-6700 (x6700). After normal business hours and during weekends you should contact the Department of Public Safety (717-337-6911 or x6911).

  • Until your lock is changed you may borrow the "bar key" from DPS.
  • When your lock is changed you will find a notice on your door. The notice will direct you to DPS to pick up your new key. Your roommates will also need to go to DPS to pick up their new keys. When you pick up your new key you will be expected to return the "bar key" and your roommates will be expected to return their "old" key in order to pick up their "new" key.

Lost keys will result in a lock change with a charge of $100.00 per lock (if there is more than one student in a living space with a lost key then the lock change charge will be split).

  • If a student requires more than two lock changes within the same academic year the base charge for a lock change increases to $200. In addition, the student will meet with a Residence Life Professional Staff member to discuss responsible possession of his/her key and a letter will be sent to the student's parents notifying them of the College's concern regarding the repeat lock changes.
  • Any student who loses his/her key after May 1, 2014, or does not return his/her key prior to leaving campus will be charged $115 ($215 if the student has already had two or more lock changes). This includes students who withdraw or take a leave of absence at any time during or at the end of a semester.

Lock change charges include costs for materials and labor. Students may potentially be reimbursed the cost of materials in the event that a lost or stolen key is recovered after a lock has already been changed.