Students With Special Needs

Students with Disabilities - How To Apply for Disability Accommodations



Beginning with requests for the 2014-2015 academic year, students should inform the Office of Academic Advising for any condition in which they are seeking academic or housing/residential accommodation.  For more details about this process, please review the Handbook for Students with Disabilities and contact the Office of Academic Advising with questions.

For requests for the Spring 2014 semester only, requests should be submitted to the Office of Residence Life by following the instructions listed below.

Gettysburg College provides reasonable housing accommodations for students with disabilities. If necessary, Residence Life will collaborate with other relevant staff at the College to determine the most appropriate housing accommodations. Housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis according to documented need and prevailing standards for reasonable accommodations. This includes the need for air conditioning due to asthma, allergies or other health related concerns.  Students submitting a request for special housing accommodations are required to provide a verification of the disability and need for accommodations from the appropriate diagnosing professional (see form below).

Important Notes:

  • Single room housing rates for students with documented disabilities shall be set at the standard single room rate.
  • Roommate requests will be honored but placement will be based on the student who has the special need.
  • Students with special needs can preference building locations and floors. Placement of room will be determined by the Office Residence Life.
  • Students with disabilities who ONLY require air conditioning will be required to submit the Special Need form. If a student is approved for air conditioning and he/she is not living in an air-conditioned building, Facilities will install a college owned window unit as air conditioning unit availability and electrical capacities allow.

To submit a request for special needs housing accommodations FOR THE SPRING 2014 SEMESTER ONLY, students are required to complete two forms:

  1. "Special Needs Housing Request Form" To be completed by the student every year.
  2. "Special Needs Housing Disability Documentation Form"- To be completed by the appropriate diagnosing professional.  


Please send completed forms to:

Office of Residence Life

Gettysburg College

300 North Washington Street

Gettysburg, PA 17325

Fax: 717-337-6335