The Women's and LGBTQA Resource Center Staff



Jennifer McCary, Director, Women's Center/ Associate Dean for Violence Prevention and Resolution/ Title IX Coordinator

Phone: 717-337-6998

Erin Duran, Director, LGBTQA Advocacy and Education

Phone: 717-337-7577

Denise Shaffer, Administrative Services Assistant, College Life

Phone: 717-337-6900


2015-2016 Student Staff

Program Coordinators

Melanie Emerson ‘16, Women’s Center Program Coordinator
Jenny Enos ‘18, Women’s Center Program Coordinator
Kaiden Krueger ‘16, LGBTQA Advocacy and Education Program Coordinator
Mary O’Mara ‘16, LGBTQA Advocacy and Education Program Coordinator


Women’s and LGBTQA Resource Center Office Assistants

Alexandria Hopkins ’17, Office Assistant
Melissa Lauro ’18, Office Assistant
Alexandra Richmond ’17, Office Assistant
Naima Scott ’17, Office Assistant
Charlotte Triebl ’17, Office Assistant


2014-2015 Women's Center Staff