The Women's Center has a Director, Dr. Stephanie A. Sellers, two student Program Coordinators, Michaela Sweeney '14 and Melanie Emerson '16, and a Program Coordinator for Residence Hall Education, AnnaMarie Hollis '14. Throughout the 2013-2014 academic year, the Women's Center employs six Office Assistants (named below) who are trained in sexual assault reporting and referral, and staff the Center during hours of operation: Sundays through Thursdays 5:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays 7:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.


WC Staff 2013-2014

2013-2014 Women's Center Office Staff: Back row (left to right)- Devora Ashkenazy '14, Michaela Sweeney '14, Dr. Stephanie A. Sellers, Melanie Emerson '16, Emely Jimenez '16; Front row (left to right)- Shannon Kelley '16, Janelle Thompson '15, AnnaMarie Houlis '14, Timna Gonzalez '15; Not pictured- Naima Scott '17 and Natalie Wismer '15.



Dr. Stephanie A. Sellers

Stephanie SellersDr. Stephanie A. Sellers teaches in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program and offers courses in Native American Studies in the English Department and Interdisciplinary Studies Program. She has a thirty-year history of activism in the American social justice movement that includes marching on the nation’s capitol for women’s rights, organizing community rallies and Letters-to-the-Editor blitzes, and speaking on the Harrisburg Capitol steps at the Unite Women Rally in 2012. She has facilitated Poetry Therapy workshops for homeless shelter residents, answered the hotline at women’s shelters, and is a volunteer at the Salvation Army.

Dr. Sellers is a Pennsylvania state certified Volunteer Counselor Advocate. She serves on the AAUW’s Association of Collegiate Women’s Leadership Education committee and has presented papers at annual conferences of the National Women’s Studies Association, Modern Language Association, the International Society for the Study of American Women Writers, and forthcoming at the American Academy of Religion. Her most recent book is Native American Women’s Studies: A Primer (NY: Peter Lang 2008), and a recent coyote story is included in the forthcoming anthology Good Medicine: Indigenous Humor is Survival (U of NE Press, 2013).

"I am most passionate about women’s health and treatment of the Earth and her plants and animals. I reject linear, reductionist, mechanomorphic conceptualizations of people and nature. My favorite Wise Woman Tradition medicinal to support women’s calm and stamina are Stinging Nettle and Oat Straw infusion and tincture of Hawthorn Berry, Reishi, and Cronewort.

"I love to collaboratively lead the work of the Women’s Center because of the enthusiasm of the students, the partnerships with my colleagues, and the deep satisfaction of watching the subtle changes in individuals that eventually lead to a landslide of positive social change that benefits everyone, including the natural world of which we are an intrinsic part."


2013-14 Program Coordinators

Melanie Emerson '16

Melanie Emerson '16Melanie is a Health Science major and has received a Dean’s Commendation Letter. She participates in Intramural co-ed soccer and is a Co-leader of the Students for Reproductive Justice Club.

"I am passionate about the health of humans and animals and their rights, and love to work at the WC because it is an open, accepting environment."

Michaela Sweeney '14

Michaela SweeneyMichaela Sweeney is a senior Public Policy and Environmental Studies double major, and is concentrating her studies in sustainable development and environmental policy. During the spring 2013 semester she traveled abroad to Copenhagen, Denmark, where she studied sustainable development and urban livability in a Scandinavian context. Michaela has been with the Women's Center for the past two years, working as an office assistant and as a coordinator for a new women's leadership program.  She is absolutely thrilled to be joining the Women's Center team again this year as a Program Coordinator.

"I am very passionate about women's empowerment and leadership. Being involved with the Women’s Center has been a highlight of my undergraduate experience at Gettysburg College so far. I love working at the WC because I enjoy collaborating with other people who are also passionate about creating a more welcoming and inclusive campus environment. I love the people, the community, and the work that makes the WC such a unique and strong organization on campus."


Women's Center Residence Hall Program Coordinator

AnnaMarie Houlis '14

AnnaMarie HoulisAnnaMarie is a Journalism & New Media major and has two minors: Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Writing. She has been on the Dean’s Honors List from Fall 2010 to present, and published the photographs “A Reverie Reality” & “Bare Worth” in The Mercury (Spring 2012). She was the Off Campus Studies Photo Contest Winner for “Innocence” (Spring 2013). She is also the Public Relations Director & Host of 91.1 WZBT, Editor-In-Chief of the Gettysburgian, and is a member of Gburg TV, Gamma Phi Beta, and the Dance Team.

"I am driven by a curiosity and thus an ensuing passion for two things: travel and writing. With extensive travel always comes evocative writing, and, in turn, profound writing oftentimes enthuses my wanderlust. I love to work at the WC because the concerted effort and geniality from even one person is a springboard to a bettered and convivial community—that's the kind of 'tomorrow' to which I'm committed, and so I live each of my 'todays' doing what I can to achieve it."


Office Assistants

Devora Ashkenazy '14

Devora Ashkenazy '14Devora is double majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Religious Studies, and has been on the Dean's List. She is an Intercultural Resource student employee, a Residence Life Resident Assistant, a member of the Students Against Sexual Assault Club, the Diversity Commission, ALLies Club, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Programming and Advisory Council, and has participated in the Vagina Monologues. She is also a volunteer with the Center for Public Service.

"I am passionate about making small changes that are positive and make an impact upon those around me. I love to work at the Women's Center because the WC fulfills a niche for the women of Gettysburg College by creating a safe and secure environment. I feel so proud and beyond lucky to be a part of the WC!"


Timna Gonzalez '15

Timna GonzalezTimna is a Health Sciences major and an employee at the Dive.

"I am passionate about standing up for women’s rights. I love to work at the Women’s Center because it allows me to make the world a better place by being a resource for victims of sexual assault."


Emely Jimenez '16

Emely JimenezAlthough currently undeclared, Emely is leaning toward majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Spanish.

"I believe that one of my biggest accomplishments here at Gettysburg College has been, not only completing my first year of college, but also doing so with a worthy GPA. I am extremely passionate about offering assistance and that may be one of the reasons why I enjoy working at the Women's Center so much. Being part of a community in which people go out of their way in order to help each other is an ideal place for me. I love working at the WC because it gives me the opportunity to work hand in hand with women either already facing issues or preventing women from encountering difficulties. I am able to use my knowledge gained from Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Courses to help me understand why women are in the position they are in. Working at the WC has given me the chance to perform on what I’m passionate about."


Shannon Kelley '16

Shannon KelleyShannon is a Health Science major with a Studio Art minor. During her first year at Gettysburg, she received a Dean’s Commendation letter. She participates in Big Brothers Big Sisters and is a member of the Art Society.

"I am passionate about drawing, learning, and volunteering. I love to work at the Women’s Center because my fellow staff are so supportive and stay connected with monthly luncheons!"


Naima Scott '17

Naima ScottAlthough still undeclared, Naima plans on pursuing a double major in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and English with a minor in Education. She was on the Dean's list in fall 2013, and is a member of the Black Student Union and the Dance Team. Naima also currently works at the CUB desk. She enjoys dancing, and is also very passionate about enacting social change.

"I love working with the Women’s Center because I not only am able to provide resources for women who need them , but I am also able to work among young women who are also passionate about women’s issues and other forms of social change."


Janelle Thompson '15 (abroad in Spring 2014)

Janelle ThompsonJanelle is an English major and an Education minor. She has been on the Dean's List for the past two semesters. She is a member of the Dance Team, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Black Student Union, a member of The Mercury, and is the Arts and Entertainment editor for the Gettysburgian.

"I am passionate about life in general. I enjoy reading, dancing, and swimming, but I also like raising awareness about issues that affect the world. Working at the Women's Center has provided me with the perfect platform to express my views. Additionally, the feeling of inclusivity and companionship makes it a real pleasure to come into work!"


Natalie Wismer '15

Natalie WismerNatalie is a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major and a member of ALLies Club, the Student Life Committee, and Dance Ensemble.

"I am passionate about LGBTQ issues, in particular the general lack of trans* inclusion and the high levels of homelessness among LGBTQ youth. I hope to help reform our current social institutions in the future in the hopes of better addressing these issues. Additionally, I am passionate about writing, a form of self-expression that enables me to be more introspective and develop a better sense of self-awareness. I love working at the Women’s Center because it has afforded me the opportunity to have a wonderful internship. Over the Summer of 2013, I am working on developing the curriculum for the Women’s Leadership Program that will go into effect this coming year. This program is geared at empowering the women and transwomen of Gettysburg College to realize their capability to become leaders and to identify potential barriers in the hopes they will be more equipped at combating them. This experience is satisfying on both a professional and personal level, as the Women’s Leadership Program Intern I have been able to learn more about my own set of skills in addition to performing work outside of my comfort zone, helping me to develop more confidence in my own abilities."