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The purpose of the Office of Institutional Analysis is to provide objective, systematic, and thorough research in support of the College's goals, planning, and decision and policy formation. The Office provides the administration, trustees, faculty, and other internal and external constituencies of the College with information concerning the characteristics and performance of the institution and as necessary, appropriate research assistance.

To achieve this goal, the Office performs three broad functions. These are:

  • Conducting analyses and providing accurate and timely information useful to policy- and decision-makers;
  • Collecting, analyzing, disseminating, and promoting the use of information for assessment, decision-making and planning;
  • Providing internally consistent reports to external groups -- federal, state, and accrediting agencies, other organizations such as HEDS, AAUP, US News, and college guidebooks.

Office information

Pennsylvania Hall
P: (717) 337-6582
F: (717) 337-6797
M-F 8:30-5:00
Campus Box 2447
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Survey Highlights

The Office of Institutional Analysis publishes the Survey Highlights periodically. The purpose is to share key assessment findings with the campus community and promote the use of assessment data.

Facts & Figures

The Facts & Figures website highlights many of the important characteristics of the learning environments and outcomes of a Gettysburg College education, such as participation in high-impact practices.