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  • CIRP Freshman Survey

Fall 2014Fall 2013Fall 2012Fall 2011Fall 2010

  • HEDS Senior Survey

Spring 2014Spring 20132010-2012; Spring 2012Spring 2011Spring 20102005-2009

  • Rising Sophomore Survey

Spring 2013Spring 2011

  • A Study of Student Voluntary Withdrawals

2011-2012 & 2012-20132008-2009 & 2009-2010

  • Assessment Results for the FYS FYE Pilot Program & FYS BURG Program

Fall 2014; Fall 2012Fall 2011Fall 2010

Earlier Student Survey Results

Please find additional student survey reports in Archives

    Surveys and Learning Outcomes

    HEDS Senior Survey and NSSE provide indirect evidence of students' achievement of learning outcomes.

    Matrix of Aligning College Learning Goals with HEDS Senior Survey 

    Matrix of Aligning College Learning Goals with NSSE

    Student Learning Outcomes: Multi-Year Trends from NSSE