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Recent Student Survey Results 

  • First-year and Sophomore Student Mentoring Survey (Spring 2018; Spring 2017  )
  • HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey

Spring 2016 (Executive Summary; Full Report)

  • CIRP Freshman Survey

Fall 2017Fall 2016Fall 2015Fall 2014Fall 2013Fall 2012Fall 2011

  • HEDS Senior Survey

Spring 2018 (Full Report of Results; Appendices); Spring 2017 (Full Report of Results; Appendices)Spring 2016 (Full Report of Results; Appendices); Spring 2015Spring 2014Spring 2013 

(Note: Additional results by Major/Discipline are available upon request for select questions, e.g., student  satisfaction with major advising and impact of faculty research.)

  • FYS/BURG Program Survey

Fall 2016; Fall 2014Fall 2012Fall 2011Fall 2010

  • Your First Semester at College Survey (Please use the section titled "Results of All Respondents" in each of the two reports below )

Fall 2016; Fall 2014

  • Rising Sophomore Survey (Discontinued; replaced by Your First Semester at College Survey)

Spring 2013Spring 2011

  • A Study of Student Voluntary Withdrawals

Fall 2017 (Full Report of Results; Appendices)Fall 2015Fall 2013Fall 2010

  • Survey Findings on Campus Diversity

2015; 2012

Earlier Student Survey Results  

Please find additional student survey reports in Archives.