Dining Center - Whats New at Dining Servies

What's New at Gettysburg College!

A number of new initiatives were introduced for the Fall semester. Students returned to find new, energy efficient lights in the student Dining room. The lights are so efficient that only half need to be turned on! Hershey's hand-dipped ice cream made a return after a three year absence. This, along with Frostline Frozen Dessert, replaced Edy's Ice Cream. Frostline is a trans-fat free, gluten-free, low cholesterol alternative to frozen yogurt or ice cream. Flavor packets can be added to create a wide variety of product which rotates daily.  A new serving line was added that features sautéed items with a healthier flare. The students have nicknamed this line "Asian Invasion" as many Asian style foods are featured. Crystal Light was added as an additional sugar-free choice of beverage. Dining Services also joined a CSA, purchasing ten shares.

Menu signs are gradually being switched to Bright Signs (http://www.brightsign.biz/). This product works on tv screens or any type of monitor. Menus can be updated immediately to ensure accuracy. The first sign in the Dining Center was installed in the "veggie corner" serving area. Students who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet asked if these menu items could be more easily identified. The display screen shows the menu for all service areas. Vegetarian items are shown in green and vegan items are shown in purple. This has been a great way to enhance the dining experience of a specific group of diners.