Upper-Class Students who select housing in the following residences may choose from the following meal plans:
Servo Plus (20 meals per week plus 125 Dining$ per semester); Traditional 12/ $200 (12 meals per week plus 200 Dining $ per semester)

133 N Washington
223 Carlisle Street
Albaugh House
Alpha Chi Rho
Alpha Tau Omega
Bregenzer House
Carlisle House
Colonial Hall

Eisenhower Institute
Hanson Hall
Huber Hall
Hutchison House
Lahm Hall
Lamp Post
Patrick Hall
Paul Hall
Phi Delta Theta
Phi Gamma Delta
Phi Kappa Psi
Quarry Suites:
(Corkran, Hazlett, Haaland and West Hall)
Rice Hall
Sigma Chi
Smyser Hall
Stevens Hall
Stine Hall

The residences listed below do not have a meal plan requirement, however, you may choose from the following meal plans:
Servo Plus; Traditional 12/ $200; Apartment 7 (7 meals per week) or Dining Dollars Only

25 South Washington
33 West Middle
43 West Middle
129/131 N. Washington

209 N. Washington
215 N. Washington
Apple Hall
Appleford Carriage House

College Apartments
Constitutions Apartments
Corner Cottage
Eagle Apartments
Ice House

Lau House
Smith House
Van Horn House