Getting Started: The College's purchasing card program provides for issuance of VISA cards to authorized individuals as a convenient and efficient procurement tool. Select the type account which best meets your anticipated needs.

  • Type I - Travel, Entertainment, and Related Activities Card - Best option for long term continuous use by employees who travel on College business, frequently or occasionally, and/or accommodate guests but do not customarily procure goods and/or services for their department.

  • Type II - General Purchasing Card- Best option for long term continuous use by employees who may travel or entertain as above and whose position responsibilities include routinely purchasing a wide variety of goods and services for their department including T & E expenses.
  • Type III - Special Purpose Card - Best option for an employee or student to facilitate expenses related to short term travel or specific events and expenses related thereto.  Special purpose cards are issued for specific time periods, not exceeding six months.

STEP 1. Purchasing Card Application - Please submit to Campus Box 409. Cards usually arrive within 7 - 10 business days.

STEP 2. Cardholder Orientation and Training Materials - The program is supported by JPMorgan and self-administered with PaymentNET software. Please begin by reading the Memo to New Cardholders and following the suggested sequence. Upon completion, you will have been exposed to the College's purchasing card guidelines, the procedures necessary to administer your account, location of various tools, and your cardholder responsibilities.


Cardholder's Guide pcard Purchasing Cardholder Agreement

STEP 3.User Resources

How-to pages including:

Reviewing and Reconciling Posted Transactions
Creating Monthly Reports
Checking Declines, Available Balances, Credit Limit, GL Defaults, etc.
Logging On Quick Reference Card
Setting Up Transaction Notification Emails

Emergency Contacts

Pcard Administration Team:

Pat Verderosa           337-6225

Brandy Briggs          337-6290

Sharon Dayhoff     337-6217/p>

Routine Requests