Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Employees and Students can access OWA for Gettysburg email by opening a web browser to the Gettysburg College homepage.  In the blue section at the bottom of the college homepage or in the IT Quick Links to the left, select Email via the Web.  Log in using your Gettysburg College credentials.

Configure Outlook on your Computer

If you are using Microsoft Office Professional 2007 or 2010, students can set up Gettysburg email with Outlook.  Click on Start or the Windows button, select programs and select Microsoft Office.  Follow the screen wizard to connect your email.  See links below for screenshot instructions.

Office 2007 Screenshots (DOCX)                         Office 2010 Screenshots (PDF)

Connect Phone or Mobile Device to Gettysburg Email

Save Gettysburg Email to Computer

Seniors using Microsoft Office Professional 2007 or 2010 can save their Gettysburg email to the hard drive of their computer.  Use these instructions (DOCX).

Over the Email Limit

Gettysuburg College students are given 150MB for their email on the servers.  If you go over this limit you will not be able to receive any email and will receive notification that you are over the allowed limit.  A couple ways to clean out your email are to delete any email you don't need, empty the deleted items folder, and delete any email that have large attachments.

You can check to see how much of your mailbox space is being used by hovering over your mailbox name in OWA as shown below.

Email after Graduation

July 1st following graduation your Gettysburg account will be removed from the system.  This includes email, calendar, H drive, and CNAV.  See Information for Seniors for more detailed information.