Note: common rooms are not activated by default. To activate a common room TV port, a bedroom TV port must be given up. Please submit a help desk request if you would like to use the common room for your TV.

Please follow the suggestions below to setup your TV. If you need assistance, please do one of the following, submit a Help desk ticket, call G-Tech at 717-337-6935 or email


Campus Cable

If you are an on-campus student, follow these steps to connect your TV to campus cable:

  1. On your TV remote control, click on the menu button, then Setup
  2. Select AutoScan (may be called programming or setup) and wait for your TV to finish scanning and saving available channels
  3. Surf

*Note that these instructions can vary slightly depending on your TV's make and model.  Consult your TV manual for AutoScan instructions.


You will need to come to the GTech office to pick up a satellite receiver if you live in:

  • 215N Washington St
  • Appleford Inn
  • Appleford Carriage House
  • Eagles
  • Hutchinson House

Afterwards, please follow these instructions.

Cable TV Converter

You will need to come to the GTech office to pick up a cable converter and/or modem if you live in:

  • 25S Railroad St
  • 25S Washington St
  • 227N Washington St
  • 33W Middle St

To install your equipment, follow the TV Converter Setup guide and the Modem Setup guide.

Afterwards, please follow the Campus Cable instructions above.