Service Level Agreement - How We Handle Requests

All service requests are entered into our Helpdesk software tool, whether received by phone, e-mail, or walk-in. When a request includes a customer stated need date, we try to observe such a deadline. If we cannot meet a need date, we will contact the customer to discuss options. Although IT is charged with resolving computer problems in a timely manner, there may be times when extenuating circumstances impact our ability to respond. Examples of such circumstances may include staff shortages due to illness or vacation, fall semester crunch in residence halls, and the need to coordinate with other Departments.

Infrastructure and Computing Department prioritizes requests as follows:

  • Network issues impacting a significant portion of campus
  • Failures in Technology Enhanced Spaces
  • A computer that fails to boot
  • Scheduled commitments
  • All other requests

The main IT Helpdesk provides troubleshooting during regular business days for the College until 5 PM. G-Tech (Student Helpdesk) is available seven days per week during their hours of operation (see Outlook Calendar ).

Once service requests are entered into the Helpdesk software tool, the customer will receive an e-mail message verifying that a new request has been opened. The Helpdesk Coordinator monitors all forms of incoming requests for service and assigns resources based on established priorities as stated above. Requests requiring resolution from other IT resources may be transferred to another group. When this happens the customer receives notification via e-mail.

IT workers are expected to take ownership of the requests assigned to them. They work in partnership with all IT resources and the customer until the problem is resolved to the customer's satisfaction.  Infrastructure and Computing  technicians routinely solve computer problems on site. IT prefers that the faculty member requesting service be present at the time of their visit. If a customer is not present when the work is performed, the troubleshooter will leave a note or contact the customer via e-mail with a description of the work that was done.

When a request is closed, the customer receives notification via e-mail. The technician will closeout the request entering a written resolution of the problem for future reference.

The end of the story rests with the customer. When the request is closed, a satisfaction survey form is sent to the customer for feedback. We strongly encourage our customers to fill in the form and send it back.  In this way IT will be able to monitor our performance and adjust our services to better meet the needs of the campus community.

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