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In Touch with Information Technology is our way of keeping the campus in the loop with the latest news on our campus networks.  Published each monthly during the Academic Year, In Touch helps the campus community keep up with the ever changing world of Information Technology.


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Back Issues

Below are links to the back issues of the electronic delivery version of In Touch with Information Technology together with a listing of the stories in each issue.

September, 2014

       Keeping Your Data Safe Until the Very End
        IT Department Annual Accomplishments

May, 2014

       Off Campus Studies and PeopleSoft Technology
        Battle of the Brains in West 110

April, 2014

       IT Strategic Plan
        Harbringers of Spring

March, 2014

       Flipping the Physics Classroom
        Student email to be Switched to a Cloud Based System

February, 2014

       Coaching Future Teachers
        Tyler Swinn - General Network Analyst

December, 2013

     Special Holiday Memories 

November, 2013

     Helping to Carry a Heavy Load
      IC Facts & Figures for 2013

October, 2013

     Sterling Hallfors, New Member of Data Systems Team
      Seeing what Dad Does

September, 2013

     Welcome to the 2013 Academic Year
      Student Assistants = Big Help

May, 2013

     Music Education and Technology
      On-Line and Blended Learning

April, 2013

     Using Twitter To Study social Movements
      CIO Leadership Board Meets On Campus

March, 2013

     Chris Marsh And The G-Tech Team
      A Tale of Two Networks