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Contemporary social media are such an important societal force that they are of great interest to social scientists. Assistant Professor Cassie M. Hays teaches Sociology 237, Power, Politics, and New Media. In this course students study the effect of social media on “the formation of national identities, global assemblages, international information flows, legal structures, and social change.” Her class actively uses Twitter, for example, to actively research cyberwarfare, construct debating points about WikiLeaks,and learn more about the use of new media in US elections and social movements such as Islamic Awakening (Arab Spring). They also use Twitter to share their thoughts with their colleagues. Anyone can follow the class Tweets at the Twitter search Page and typing the hash tag #Soc237 in the Search box. Full Story

Professor Hays and students in Sociology 237 engaged in research during one of the class work days

CIO Leadership Board Meets at Gettysburg College

Vice President Tosten (Right) at one of the LBCIO Round Table Discussions

From March 6 - 8, the Leadership Board for CIOs in Higher Education held their spring meeting at Gettysburg College. Rod Tosten, Vice President for IT and a member of the Leadership Board, served as host CIO for the meeting. His responsibilities as host were shared by Gavin Foster, Associate Vice President for IT. The purpose of the Board is to provide insights and strategies and personal relationships that can help IT leaders in higher education plan for and manage technologies and resources. Topics at the Board’s face-to-face meetings and on-line webinars include comparing best or common business practices, discussing major issues pertaining to member functions and constructing benchmarking data and key metrics to support both tactical and strategic planning. In order to facilitate good and productive interaction, the size of the Board is limited to no more than 50 members. The Board was formed in 2009 by The Chronicle of Higher Education and Dr. Michael Zastrocky, recently retired from Gartner Corporation. It currently has 26 CIO member institutions, including two from Australia. Vice President Tosten represents Gettysburg College on the Board. Full Story

Spring Arrives on Campus,

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