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Using Coaching and Critiquing
In Pre Service Demonstration Classes

Technology is allowing teacher education programs to take a page from the sports playbook. It is extending the role of the teacher education faculty from instructors and evaluators to coaches. A vital component of Teacher Education Programs is pre service teaching in public school classrooms. During this time the prospective teacher is under the joint supervision of a member of the college education department and the public school teacher whose class is being taught. While the students are doing their pre service teaching, they are on their own. They prepare the lesson plans and do the instruction. Traditionally, the public school teacher reviews and critiques the lesson plans and observes the teaching of the classes and offers advice. A few of these classes are also observed and later critiqued by a representative of the college teacher education program. The system has worked reasonably well, but it does leave the student teachers on their own during a vital part of the process, the actual teaching of the class. Full Story

Divonna Stebick(left) coaching a student presentation in Education 340

Tyler Swinn
General Network Administrator

Tyler working on a project associated with his new position at IT

Michael Hayden, Director of the I/C Department of IT, is pleased to announce that Tyler Swinn has become a member of the IT team in the position of General Network Analyst effective November 25, 2013. Prior to being appointed to his new position, Tyler has worked during the last five years as a casual employee in the I/C Department. His services in that capacity were noted in the November, 2013 issue of In Touch with IT. He was among the several candidates who applied for the current full time position when the opening was announced last October. Full Story

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