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Keeping the G-whiz in G-Tech

When students at Gettysburg have a problem with their computer, their first line of defense is to call the student-staffed G-Tech Center at X 6935. If the problem is not straight forward enough to be resolved with phone assistance, the student is asked to bring their computer to the G-Tech Office located in the West Building at the rear of the Digital Media Center. If the problem is with the software, such as the removal of a computer virus, a network problem, data recovery or possibly backing up data from a damaged hard drive, the student technicians at G-Tech will assist students on a first-come, first-served basis. If the problem is with the hardware and the computer is still under warrantee, the technicians will ask them to contact the manufacturer for service or a replacement part. Otherwise the student is responsible for purchasing a replacement part with the option that G-Tech may do the replacement. In short, G-Tech is a fantastic solution for students with computer problems. But, who is responsible for keeping the G-Tech students organized and supervising the quality of their work? That is where Chris Marsh, Computer Support Specialist, enters the picture. Her primary responsibility is to ensure that the student technicians’ work is done in a responsible way and is of high quality. Full Story

Chris and student-technician, Bill Walton ’13, assist
a student with a data recovery problem

A Tale of Two Networks

While the Rock Climbing Practice Wall may not
be the best place for using your digital devices,
there is a gbcwifi port nearby (Top, Center of Picture)

When individuals become members of the Gettysburg College community, they are automatically given a college network account complete with their own personal login name. With this account they can go to any of the publicly available computers on campus and logon to the college network. Many of these computers have network cables leading to the College’s secure network. Other computers, including individually owned personal computers with WiFi capability, are able to logon to the internet from anywhere on campus via the gbcwifi wireless network. This network gives full access to the internet for surfing the web and e-mail similar to that on public networks available in many coffee shops, airports or network connections at home. It also gives access to authorized Moodle accounts, personal pages in the Student or Faculty Center, parts of the CMS and CNAV. In the same way that individuals are responsible for the security of their data on any public network, they are responsible for it on gbcwifi. Thus, IT maintains two networks on campus. One is a very local network with state of the art security for all data, specialized services, and College owned software. The other is a publicly accessible wireless network requiring all of the precautions common when working on any public network. Full Story

A View Of The Campus
From The Tower On Doubleday Avenue
Near The Peace Light

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