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The Classification May Be Casual,
But the Work Is Important

The Gettysburg College Employees Handbook, Section 3, defines a Casual Employee as: (On-call) support staff employee who works on an as-needed basis. Tyler Swinn and Tommy Riggs are Casual Employees who started their work during the summer months of 2013. Tyler is employed in the IC Department and Tommy in the ITT Department to assist with the many projects necessitated by the unusually heavy task load assigned to these departments.

The time period between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the fall semester is always a busy time for ITT and the entire IC Department. This is the time when computer labs and classrooms are upgraded; AV equipment is installed and improved; new computers are placed in offices; etc. However, the late spring and summer months of 2013 added a myriad of other tasks that made this a challenge of massive proportions. The complete renovation of Glatfelter Hall and the subsequent need to move faculty offices and many of the classrooms and computer labs created a need for new network routing and technology installations. The majority of offices and classrooms were moved to the temporary quarters in the trailers in Constitution Avenue parking lot. The Computer Science Department’s classroom/lab formerly located in Glatfelter 112 was relocated to new quarters on the first floor of the West Building. Tyler was hired to work in all aspects of the IC Department. Tommy was hired to assist AV specialists Travis Mathna and Mark Rosensteel of ITT. Full Story

Tyler Swinn and Tommy Riggs taking a short break
from their busy schedules

Who’s Behind That Technology
You Use Every Day?

Some of the IC Department Members who support us
Front Row: Karla Swinn, Don Speelman, Eric Yurick,
Tyler Swinn   Second Row: Stephanie Sanders, Larry
Hower, Richard Sherman, Richard Fawley

Gettysburg College has been recognized several times by many different groups for its excellence in using technology. On campus, people know that whether they are researching a topic, using the Content Management System, working with a budget, using Moodle or entering a classroom to teach a class supported by the electronic teaching tools; the technology is there for their use. However, what most do not realize is that there is a vast infrastructure required to deliver the convenience that they are experiencing. It is the job of the IT personnel to make your experience as seamless as possible and support you when you are experiencing problems. For this there are service technicians to install and repair hardware, network maintenance technicians, AV technicians, and college-owned software technicians. There are also help desk assistants to assist you with the use of technology or to get repair service for you.

Click the link following this paragraph to see a list of facts and figures regarding the technology infrastructure on campus. The list was compiled by IT. It is current thru September of 2013. What does not appear in this numerical data is the helpful, caring nature of the IT personnel that makes all of this possible. Full Story

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