Q:  Do I need to bring a telephone with me to campus?

A:  Typically students bring their own personal telephones.  2.4GHz cordless telephones are discouraged due to interference with the wireless network.  A student may check out a telephone from Telecommunications in lieu of bringing their own.  There is one telephone line per room that students share.

Q:  What will I pay for long distance?

A:  Domestic calls are a flat rate of $.15 per minute, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This includes intra state and inter state calling.  International calls are discounted.  Please click on the link to see pricing to individual countries.

Q:  Is call waiting available?

A:  Yes, call waiting is provided to all student telephone lines.

Q:  Can I use an answering machine?

A:  Yes answering machines may be used on student telephone lines.  Gettysburg College voicemail is provided upon request.

Q:  Are local telephone books available?

A:  Gettysburg area telephone books are available to students starting in September.  Telephone books are place in the CUB lobby for student pick up throughout the year.

Q:  Is cable TV available?

A:  Gettysburg College provides cable TV to all student residing in campus house.