Spring Into Fitness Challenge

Spring into Fitness15

Exercise. Track your minutes. Repeat


Spring into Fitness and challenge yourself to perform "purposeful" physical activity
for six weeks March 16 - April 26, 2015

Participate in an intercollegiate challenge against five other local colleges and universities: Elizabethtown College, York College, Mount St. Mary's University, Dickinson College, and Franklin & Marshall College.  So put those New Year's Resolutions to good use and win a victory for Gettysburg!

During the six-week period between March 16 and April 26, participants will be asked to track each minute of “purposeful” physical activity using an easy on-line tracking form.  The exercise must be planned, purposeful physical activity performed with the intention of acquiring fitness or other health benefits.

There will be two Intercollegiate Competitions:

1. Greatest percentage of overall participation

2. Highest average number of purposeful exercise minutes per participant

The College will again offer separate internal challenges between campus divisions with both competitions still applying.  Enjoy some Gettysburg division vs. division fun!

In 2015, the College is taking the challenge to the next level and upping the ante with the new internal competition between TEAMS! Put your team together (3-6 members), pick a name and let's the competition begin!

So, make sure you encourage your colleagues to play along and track their minutes! If you work together as a team and keep each other motivated, you will have a chance to WIN the Divisional Competition and the TEAMS competition….but more importantly, we want Gettysburg College to be the overall winner of the Intercollegiate Competition!  Exercise. Track your minutes. Repeat!