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I've been suspected of violating the Honor Code-now what?

If you have been suspected of an Honor Code violation, one of the Deans of Academic Advising will be in touch with you promptly to look into the matter. Your honesty and cooperation will make the investigation smoother and easier on everyone involved. If an investigation reveals information that warrants further action, a preliminary conference will be called. Preliminary conferences are designed to be educational rather than confrontational; they are meant to bring people together to discuss what happened and to come to agreement on whether or not an Honor Code violation has occurred and, if so, to decide as a group on an appropriate penalty.

See theGettysburg College Honor Code, Article III, for more information about Preliminary Conferences.

How do I report an Honor Code violation?

Maintenance of the integrity and trust of the Gettysburg College community are the responsibility of every member. If you see an Honor Code violation occurring, it is your responsibility to attempt to interrupt it and encourage the people involved to come forward about their actions. However, if you are not able to interrupt something or if knowledge of a suspected violation comes to you after the fact, there are several routes you can take. First, you can still approach the person whom you suspect of having violated the Honor Code and encourage him or her to come forward. If the suspected violation has happened within a particular course, it is appropriate for you to speak with the professor of that course. You can also contact one of the members of the Honor Commission or one of the Deans in the Office of Academic Advising.