I have a problem with my professor/class.

Make an appointment to discuss the problem with your faculty advisor or contact the Office of Academic Advising and make an appointment with one of the deans to discuss the problem.    College Union Building 280 or call (717)337-6579 

I have a friend with a problem.

If your friend's problem is academic, he/she should discuss the matter with with his/her faculty advisor or contact the Office of Academic Advising.  If it is health related, he/she should contact the Counseling Services or the Health Center.

What if I have to miss a class for a family emergency?

If you have to miss class for any reason (college trips, family emergencies, or illness), you must discuss this absence with your instructor.  Class absences are dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the instructor of the course in which the class is being dealt.

Absences Notification for Students
Absences Notification Regarding Students - For Faculty

I'm stressed out about my classes; I need to talk to someone face to face.

Contact the Counseling Services Office.

I have a roommate problem.

You should talk with the Resident Assistant or the Residence Life Area Coordinator responsible for the area in which you live or contact Residence Life in the College Union Building 220 or extension 6901. 

Can I look in my student file?

All official records (official records are those which may, with the student's consent, be forwarded outside the institution) are open to inspection by the student.  Students wishing to inspect their official records should contact the Office of Academic Advising for an appointment for this purpose.