Where can I find a list of courses eligible for Gettysburg Curriculum Goals?
Courses Fulfilling the Gettysburg Curriculum

Am I on track for graduation?

Please consult the Academic Requirement Report found on your Student Center page for a detailed report of your progress.

How do I transfer some credits?

Students must obtain permission in advance to receive credit for work to be taken during the summer.  Generally, transfer credit is possible up to a maximum of three course units, from any accredited institution.  Students must earn a grade of "C-" or better for the credit to qualify for transfer.  The College transfers both grade and credit for work done through affiliated summer programs like these offered by other Central Pennsylvania consortium schools.  You should follow the instructions found on the Transfer of Credit Petition available in the Registrar's Office.

How do I qualify for the Dean's List?

To qualify for the Dean's Honor List, a student must take a full course load of at least four courses, with no more than one course taken under the S/U grading option during  the semester except for students taking the Education Term who may take 2 courses S/U (Education Term must contain at least 4 courses to be eligible for 2 S/U courses)   and earn a G.P.A. of 3.6 or above for the semester.   Students who attain a 3.330 to  3.599 are placed on the Deans' Commendation List. 

Can I register for a class Pass/Fail?

The College offers a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading option.  This option is intended to encourage students to be adventurous intellectually in courses with subject matter or approaches that they think  may be too difficult.   An S is given if  a student performs at the C- level or higher; a U is given for work below the C- level or unsatisfactory work.  Courses graded S/U do not affect a student's quality point average, but a course completed with an S grade will count toward the total number of courses needed for graduation.

How do I  drop a class?

Within the first 10 days of a term you can withdraw from a class without record, if you have both your instructor and your advisor's permission.  Obtain a drop/add form from the Registrar's Office and have it signed by both.

What is the last day for withdrawal from a course?

The 10th day of class is the deadline to withdraw  with no record on your transcript or no grade being assigned.   You can withdraw from a class after the 10th day of class but within the first eleven weeks of the term, but you will receive a grade of "W".

How do I petition for exception to academic college policy  (i.e.  extend my graduation date, take a 6th course, change to part-time status, etc.)? 

The petition must be submitted in writing  to the Academic Standing Committee for review.  Upon the ASC's review of your petition and supporting documentation, if necessary, you will be notified in writing of the ASC's decision in regards to your petition.  Petition forms are available from the Office of Academic Advising.

What if I can't be here for graduation?

If for some reason, you cannot be here for graduation to receive your diploma, we will mail it to you after graduation.  Please notify the Registrar's Office of the correct address for mailing of your diploma.

Can I take my finals early/late?

Taking finals early/late must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the instructor in the course in which the final is being given.

What do I need to do to take an Incomplete in a course?

If due to a temporary problem such as an illness or a family crisis, you are not able to complete the work in a course before the end of the semester, you should first consult with your instructor and then the Office of Academic Advising.  Both you and your instructor must agree to the terms of  an "I" grade before the Office of Academic Advising will approve the issuance of an "I" grade.

What if I cannot be here for registration?

Students can register for classes during the first twelve days after the beginning of the semester.  However, most classes have established limits to class enrollments, so late registration may result in not getting enrollment in your first choice courses.   If college charges are paid, the registration packet may be given to someone of your choosing to register for you during your time slot on registration day.